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What do the audience learn about the characters of Macbeth and Banquo

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What do the audience learn about the characters of Macbeth and Banquo Macbeth is a play written by Shakespeare in 1606. The play itself is a twisting tragedy, showing that even the strongest of people can be influenced in the wrong way. The play portrays the collapse of Macbeth: a trusted, brave, loyal servant of Scotland, but under the influence of evil he slowly turns into a malicious murderer. Throughout the beginning of the play you have been introduced to the characters of: the evil and scheming witches, who are plotting to give Macbeth two predictions: that he is going to be the Thane of Cawdor and King. Since Macbeth is an ambitious person he will peruse these dreams and predictions. Also you have been introduced to King Duncan, Scotland's great King who has a lot foes. The audience haven't seen Macbeth yet and he is made out to be a brave and strong man who can conquer all aspects of evil, the audience don't know him well enough so far. ...read more.


I can support by point with this quote: "I neither beg nor fear your favours or your hates." Banquo isn't afraid of the witches and their supernatural-powers, however he to wants to know his future like Macbeth. After the witches have left; Macbeth is still dazed at the predictions about the Kingship but also he doesn't want to show his true feelings about all of the predictions; so he discreetly brings up the subject to Banquo. "Your children shall be Kings." Already Macbeth feels so threatened by Banquo, and the witches predictions, that he's fearful of loosing something he hasn't achieved yet. On the other hand, Banquo, again, turns out to be the stronger by not believing the witches were not there. He thinks he was hallucinating, dreaming or figments of his imagination. I can justify this, with this quote: "Were such things here or have we eaten the insane root that takes the reason prisoner." He yet again doesn't trust the witches, and trust there predictions were even genuinely there to help. ...read more.


The first quote shows tells us that he can see right through the witches and he's starting to worry about Macbeth. The second quote means; that the witches have promised them with some truth but in the long run the prophecies will betray Macbeth. Once more Banquo does not trust evil beings and he is trying to convince Macbeth not to trust the witches but later on this proves ineffective. This scene is the beginning of the end for the good side of Macbeth. In 2 events he has turned deceitful and a liar. The rivalry starts, when Banquo starts to get suspicious about the way Macbeth is acting, as friends do Banquo starts to worry once Macbeth wakes up from his trance. This is a key scene and a turning point in the play, but also adds more complexity and excitement, and makes the audience tense; this is because anything can happen from now till the next turning point of the play. In this play you learn that both of the characters Macbeth and Banquo are both ambitious people but the difference is Macbeth is mentally weaker then Banquo. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chloe Atkinson 9D2 Miss Armitage ...read more.

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