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What do the blind see?

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What do the blind see? Day 1 My name is Ellie; I've been in a comma for nine years, I woke up yesterday. I've lost all my memory and I can't see, the doctors told me this was because my eyes have been shut for so long, but they don't know what caused the amnesia. No one knows what happened to me, it's as if I just appeared here. The doctors have told me that I need to keep a diary to help me put my life together, it feels like I'm speaking to myself, because they got me this special machine that types in what you say. ...read more.


The doctors said that my memory and sight might return eventually and that's about the only thing I have to look forward to at the moment - the only thing that gives me hope. Eventually - that can be any time, could be another nine years wasted. "Ellie, I'm going to have to take the computer away know" That was my nurse; I bet the machine typed that in. Day 2 Something really strange happened; I had a dream (or rather a nightmare) in my dream I could see. I saw a girl she was running away, and I knew - as if the memory had always been there - that she had been hitch hiking and someone pulled up and offered her a lift then the car got hijacked - the hijackers killed the driver and were running after her. ...read more.


Or maybe it was because I had no memory so my mind was making up total fiction to dream about. Or worse what if it was a memory - did I watch someone being killed? Was I an accomplice? Or was I her friend? But if I was her friend why didn't I help her? Oh - this is so weird. I have no idea what that dream was, or even if it was a dream. I'm scared of going to sleep know, incase I have more of those dreams; I don't want to know about my past if it was so terrible. I'd rather have a new start without knowing my past. "Ellie, time's up" "Where's nurse Jennings" "o - Ellie - Cindy was shot yesterday, her body was found in a forest" ...read more.

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