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What do the stories studied tell us about Victorian English society and lifestyles?

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What do the stories studied tell us about Victorian English society and lifestyles? Introduction Over the last few weeks I have read and studied three stories from the Sherlock Holmes series written by Author Conan Doyle, I studied, 'the red headed league', 'the speckled band', and 'the man with the twisted lip'. I have focused on six; * The sort of life that was led by Holmes and Watson * The different lifestyles of people they encounter * The place of servants * The role of women * The nature of law and order/role of police force * Systems of transport and communications. The author, Arthur Conan Doyle, was born on the 22 of May 1859 in Edinburgh. He came from a family of ten children, three of which died in their childhood. His father was an alcoholic and also suffered from epileptic fits, he was put into an institution before his death in 1893. Arthur's parents were Irish; he attended Hotter Preparatory School, and had a very high academic ability. He studied medicine in Edinburgh after leaving school; here he met Dr Joseph Bell who became the model for Sherlock Holmes mainly through his ability to make deductions about his patients based on his observations. ...read more.


he also is addicted to opium. Because of his begging, he earns quite enough money to find a lodging in the opium den. He is suspected for the murder of Neville St Clare. When the disappearance of St Clare is described on page 34 it describes St Clare's coat pockets 'full of pennies and half pennies', this was to ensure its sinking into the Thames. This shows me that Boone must have enough money to be able to comfortably throw large amounts of it away. This shows that although a beggar, he is good enough at it to earn sufficient funds for himself. Helen Stoner Helen Stoner is a character in story 'The speckled Band' She is the stepdaughter of Dr Roylott, who I will write about in a minute. Helen Stoner is a wealthy young woman, she lives in a large manor house with her stepfather. she has come to Holmes about the death of her sister. Many things can be told about her from the first scene of her appearance. She is said to be wearing a black dress and veil, this shows her wealth and also that she is still in morning for her sister. ...read more.


The nature of Law and Order Compared to real Victorian England the police in the stories come across as very laid back, in ''the red headed league' they are fully aware of the happenings and still offer to make all of it 'disappear' even though it is a very large investigation, and is very important. Although the police are satisfactory to the community, Holmes always seems to outsmart them, as it were, always get there first. But yet he is not a part of the police service, he isn't running a private service for money because he only asks for the expenses to be paid. this shows his devotion to the service and how he doesn't do it for the money. Transport and communications The transport in the stories is quite modern in some parts, in the speckled band, Helen stoner uses a train to reach Holmes, this shows that train run at all hours, because she was traveling at early hours of the morning. she also used a 'dog cart' or horse and carriage. Communication was not really mentioned in the stories but telephones are mentioned a few times, this shows more than telegram communication is used . ...read more.

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