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What do we learn About Society In The First Two Acts Of Pygmalion?

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What Do We Learn About Society In The First Two Acts Of Pygmalion? Eliza Doolittle is introduced as a poor flower girl selling flowers on Tottenham Court Road. We can immediately tell that she is lower class from the way she speaks, the way she dresses and from her profession. In this scene, the note taker, who is later identified as Henry Higgins, repeats exactly what Eliza says: "Cheer ap, Keptin; n'baw ya flahr orf a pore gel." ...read more.


He treats everyone else in the play in his own particular way. His relationship with Eliza Doolittle is by far the most interesting throughout the play. Higgins treats Eliza as though she wasn't a person at all even when she offers to pay for her lessons just because she is lower class. Henry Higgins is teaches phonetics. His skilled talents become more notable when he creates Liza Doolittle, a flower girl, into Miss Doolittle, a graceful young lady. ...read more.


Mrs Pearce is the housekeeper, she is neither upper class nor lower class and so she can relate to Eliza. She cares for Eliza but doesn't show it. When Eliza first arrived, Mrs Pearce was against the idea of Mr Higgins attempting to teach Eliza proper English. However later on she argues with Higgins over the language he uses in front of Eliza. In conclusion, we learn that society in the 20th century was different to the society today. There was a clear separation between the three classes ...read more.

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