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What do we learn about the differences in character between Brutus and Antony from their speeches and the way they deliver them?

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What do we learn about the differences in character between Brutus and Antony from their speeches and the way they deliver them? In this essay I am going to show how Brutus' and Mark Antonys' characters are different by how they present their speeches. Brutus is looked upon as a very honourable and honest man, this seems to be a flaw in his personality because he is too honest which makes him na�ve. Brutus was the only one in the conspiracy who was not jealous of Ceasar, and was the only one that had an appropriate reason to murder him. "Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more " He knew that Caesar would become dangerous if he was made King and was afraid that Rome would resort to slavery in his power. He did genuinely care about the good of Rome and knew that Rome came before Ceasar no matter how much he loved Ceasar. Brutus was trusted and looked up to by everone. " I have heard, where many of the best respect in Rome - Except immortal Caesar - speaking of Brutus, And groaning underneath this age's yoke, Have wish'd that noble Brutus had his eyes" He does not see that he is noble and that people think the world of him. ...read more.


Brutus shows the crowd that he is noble with this last comment, he will do anything for his country and if he has to die for it, he will. He says that he will use the same dagger that he killed Caesar with to kill himself when the time comes. The crowd replies to Brutus in a very positive way by saying that they want him to live. "Live, Brutus! live! live!" Antony interrupts Brutus' speech by bringing Caesars dead body out. This catches the attention of the crowd and suddenly, they are no longer listening to Brutus talking. When Mark Antony speaks, he is not allowed to blame the conspiracy for Caesars death, but he must only say good things. He must also say that he is saying his funeral speech by their permission, if he did not do this, he had not part in any thing and would not be able to speak. " Mark Antony, here, take you Caesar's body. You shall not in your funeral speech blame us, But speak all good you can devise of Caesar, And say you do't by our permission" Mark Antony does not at any point speak ill of any of the conspirators, but somehow manages to change the crowds mind about Brutus. Mark Antony does not think that Caesar was ambitious; yet, he does not actually say to the crowd that he thinks this. ...read more.


of the conspiracy, but then brings them back to tell them what is written in the 'will', he does this several times before he finally tells the crowd what is written. Antony descends into the crowd with Caesars body and puts it on the floor. He points out the wounds that the people in the conspiracy made. "Look, in this place ran Cassius' dagger through: See what a rent the envious Casca made: Through this the well-beloved Brutus stabb'd; And, as he pluck'd his cursed steel away, Mark how the blood of Caesar follow'd it" This makes the crowd decide that the conspirators are traitors and that they will get revenge on them. Mark Antony and Brutus are two very different characters. Brutus, is a very honest and noble man. He trusts people too easily and will not take other peoples advice when he is wrong. Although Brutus is a better speech maker than Mark Antony, he does not over power the crowd. This is because Antony uses a shock factor of bringing the body of Caesar out half way through Brutus' speech. Antony seems to be very clever in a sense that he knew how to get the crowd on his side again. Antony knows how to please a crowd and how to turn them, whereas Brutus is not as strong as Antony and does not have a powerful enough personality to lead a crowd. ...read more.

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