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What do we learn about the state of the country from the opening chapters of the novel Brother in the land?

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What do we learn about the state of the country from the opening chapters of the novel ?Brother in the land?? In this essay the opening chapters of the novel ?Brother in the land? will be analysed and decided how we learn about the state of the country from the text. In the opening chapter of the novel ?Brother in the land? it gives you a clear picture of just how much the country has been destroyed, ?Whole towns and city-centres vaporized instantly; while tarmac, trees and houses thirty miles from the explosions burst into flames.? This is all in a matter of seconds. Not only have the missiles destroyed land but also houses are ?disintegrated and vanished.? Fireballs ?melted and devoured? everything, leaving the city as a ?landscape of poisonous desolation.? Mingled in the mass destruction were bodies, ?in the ditch, on the verge and on the road itself.? So not only had the nuclear bomb scarred the landscape but also the people who live in the towns. ...read more.


This is what the bomb has leaded to, people losing all hope and shutting down because they couldn?t take it anymore. The soldiers who came down to Skipley collected all of the injured to ?treat? them back at Kershaw Farm but in fact they shot them. The survivors even thought that old people or children would be next. ?And after that, somebody else and somebody else, till it comes down to us. Us or them.? This is what the nuclear bomb has leaded to, humans killing each other for survival. Not sharing any of his or her food or shelter with anyone. In addition to this, the survivors would even steal somebody?s precessions at any chance they get. Danny and his father have to take regular night shifts to guard the food. ...read more.


Danny heard two men and a women talking, they discussed that it was ?obvious? that the soldiers were bring the injured up into Kershaw Farm, ?it?s like the Nazis with their gas vans?. Yet they still did not try anything to stop the procedure, their reasoning was that survivors were covered in burns and would die anyway, its ?bad enough finding grub for too.? The nuclear bomb has got you so you will send your own relatives off to die, thinking, ?sooner them than us.? In conclusion, from the opening chapters of the novel ?Brother in the land? was have learned that the state of the country is terrible. Houses, buildings and town centres destroyed, the majority of the population killed, survivors shutting down because they cannot take the pain any longer, people killing each other to be superior to the rest, stealing, people sending their own family and friends to die, and people have lost hope. ...read more.

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