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What do we learn about the two charters George and Lennie in the opening section of ‘of mice and men’ by john Steinbeck?

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What do we learn about the two charters George and Lennie in the opening section of 'of mice and men' by john Steinbeck? In john stinbecks novella two charters George and Lennie have a dream and the book is about them trying to achieve their dream. The book is set in the 1930's during the depression George is small and strong and he is the leader. Lennie is big and very strong but he does not know his own strength. George is a very different person compared to Lennie George is short and strong he has very alert eyes and is much more cautious than Lennie 'Lennie don't drink that water you shouldn't alter drink water when it ant running' this quote shows that George is cautious and he thinks about things before he does them. ...read more.


George gets annoyed with Lennie because he forgets things all the time 'I could get along easy and nice' this quote shows that George has got annoyed with Lennie and he thinks about what he could achieve with out his trouble causing he gets mad at Lennie and then he realises what Lennie feels like so he calms down. A main bit of George and Lennie's relationship is about the rabbits and the dream of a house and garden etc. Lennie is always moaning for George to 'tell how it's going to be' it is amassing because of the amount of times George tells about how its going to be he never gets to annoyed about it. ...read more.


trouble you come hide here' this quote shows that George is expecting some trouble form Lennie but he does not really want to admit it. All in all I think we learn quite a bit about George and Lennie in the opening section of 'Of Mice And Men' the book give some quite good descriptions of both individuals and quite detailed in a few cases I think things to come will George getting the house on his own or with some other people I don't think Lennie will ever get the rabbits because if he does what would Georges threat because be? The book gives some good hints on what to come it give a lot of examples to foreshadow upon e.g. red sun set, the pool and the carp under the water. ...read more.

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