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What do you admire in Macbeth? How does Shakespeare influence your views about his character?

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What do you admire in Macbeth? How does Shakespeare influence your views about his character? Macbeth's character is very different at different stages in the play. Through out the play my opinions of him change. At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare lets you believe Macbeth is a hero and someone to be admired for his bravery. To win battles was interpreted as the ultimate heroic act that earns one credits from loyalty, as quoted by Macbeth's captain: - "For brave Macbeth - well he deserves that name" At first I was led to admire Macbeth for his actions and his loyalty to King Duncan. As the play develops and Macbeth meets the 3 witches upon the heath and he is told of the 3 prophecies and his strong yearning to become a king, I admire Macbeth at this point for his ability to have such high objectives, but I loose my admiration for him as Shakespeare persuade us that the heroic character is more of a cheating coward. The witches have a big role in creating the atmosphere that is set for the audience, because in the 16th century witches were thought of to be powerful and wicked, when the witches ...read more.


Macbeth achieves his dream of becoming a king but at the expense of his dear friend Banquo and the sanity and eventual death of his beloved wife lady Macbeth. When Macbeth and Banquo (Macbeth's best friend) meet the witches, Macbeth doesn't seem so sure about the witches and doesn't seem to trust them. When the first of the 3 prophecies came true there was no stopping Macbeth he wrote the letter to lady Macbeth and lady Macbeth was very pleased she came up with an idea that at first Macbeth didn't agree with but eventually went ahead and did. In the 1600s it was commonly known that men held the dominant soles compared to women, this particular area Shakespeare highlighted to convince me that his wife dominated Macbeth and that some of the things he did were done because he was possible scared of lady Macbeth. I think that Macbeth commits the murder because he wants to be king so much and he thinks he's going to be king anyway because the witches have told him that he is, so killing Duncan would make him become a king much quicker. ...read more.


as Macduff states: - "From his mothers womb untimely ripped" , Macbeth refuses to kiss the ground at Macduff's feet knowing he is going to die, this I feel were the actions of a brave man and I admire him for his courage to fight till the end with his last challenging words: - "I throw my warlike shield, lag on Macduff, and dammed be him that first Aries, hold enough!!!" The words I consider of a brave admirable man. In conclusion Shakespeare manipulates our views of Macbeth because he uses the witches, and Lady Macbeth to influence our views of Macbeth's character. They provoke him and help to create more ambition. At the end of the play we admire Macbeth for his Braveness. He says: - "My name is Macbeth" I admire Macbeth for saying this because he is trying to convince himself who he is, he knows that he has done wrong, and he is maybe regretting what he has done, and wants to live up to his name. I thought Shakespeare wrote a very influencing play, he changes our views of Macbeth throughout the play, I liked the play and I like the way Shakespeare writes this play. David 10b ...read more.

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