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What do you consider to be the appeal of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men?

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What do you consider to be the appeal of Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men? Steinbeck's had wrote "Of Mice and Men� in about the 1930s, he was a ranch hand himself so he knew clearly how lonely the itinerant workers were. So for the main theme of the book, was the loneliness of different characters. Apart from that, some themes were based on racism and discrimination against old people and women. The other main theme which was the American dream which had always appeared as George and Lennie's little place that they dreamed about. The way Steinbeck told the readers about the theme, was to show the themes which are mentioned above through the characters. For all the character, there must be some kinds of loneliness except Slim who we weren't told about. For George, some people might think he was not lonely because he had Lennie to travel with him, but at some point Lennie was also a problem for him. When he was with Lennie by the river at the beginning of the book, George had been very annoyed about how Lennie's getting him went from ranch to ranch, travelling round the country and he also moaned about he could have spent money for drinks, or going to cat-house if only Lennie wasn't with him, and also that's why he wanted a little place of their own so much. For Candy, Steinbeck showed the racism again old aged people. Candy was lonely because he had nobody, no friends, no family and all he had was the dog which got shot later in the novel and left him even more lonely. Also Candy was already very old and had only one hand, so he didn't know when he would get canned and be "sent to the county�. He thought he would have a change for the rest of his life when George told him that they could do the little place and the dream would come true, he was very interested in it, but the dream was spoilt by Curley's wife completely. ...read more.


This was also showed in the beginning when Curley tried to pick on Lennie because he didn't like big guys. Candy had told George: "He hates big guys.� This sets Lennie in a very bad situation against Curley when he had done nothing. For all the main characters like Lennie, George, Candy and Curley's wife, their feelings were all described in detail so we how what they feel. These feelings were also based on the main themes, loneliness and discriminations. Through his vivid style of writing and the realistic way in which he describes his characters, Steinbeck's brings the novels alive for the reader which is part of its appeal. In the book, there was tension created by Steinbeck except in section one. In section two, when Lennie and George �rst met Curley, there was a kind of tension from Curley to Lennie, he disliked big guys so he picked on Lennie,when he saw Lennie and George, the book described Curley as: "His arms gradually bent at the elbows and his hands closed into �sts. He stiffened and went into a slight crouch.� This give us the image of a nasty man trying to make big guy be scared of him. Later on he tried to pick on Lennie by making him talk but George helped him out then just before Curley went out of the bunk-house he said to Lennie: "Well, nex' time you answer when you're spoke to.� This was an order from Curley as the boss' son. And so the tension didn't last very long at this section. In section three, until the shooting of Candy's dog seemed to be normal, but Steinbeck had created the atmosphere had lots of tension and quietness which makes not only the character but the reader feel uncomfortable as well. He created the tension by keep putting silence in the room after Carlson had taken the old dog out. ...read more.


to side.� Others are about the shadow: " the shade climbed up the hills towards the top.� this was personi�cation which described things as though they are human. Nearly at the end, Lennie had the vision of seeing his Aunt Clara and a giant rabbit which talked to him using Lennie's own voice. I �nd it really weird, my �rst though was what was that doing there? Then I though the things which the rabbit and aunt Clara said was all the things which George always nagged to Lennie about. Lennie was so scared that he didn't know what he was doing, all he was worrying about was what would George feel and will George get mad at him. He was just like a kid who had done something really bad and worrying about will his father come and punish him. Although it was odd but it really told you a lot about how much Lennie cared about George. Steinbeck used the language symbolically about the light was blocked out by Curley's wife. When Lennie and George was in the bunk house, she was standing in the door way and blocked out the light, this refers to how Lennie killed her and too the light(hope) away from Lennie, George, Crooks and Candy. The whole situation was alright until Curley's wife had appear and all the things had been ruined by her, nothing was left but more sadness and loneliness in many people. Steinbeck has taken a very dramatic story which makes the reader want to carry on reading and �ne out what will happen next. Into the story he has put characters at the way his readers will care about and made them speak vividly in the language of the time. This description make events, places and people come alive in the imagination of the reader.It is this combination of things which has made the novel so popular for over sixty years and have made it so successful both as a play and film. ...read more.

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