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What do you find interesting in Shakespeare s presentation of Iago?

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What do you find interesting in the presentation of Shakespeare s presentation of Iago? My perception of the way that Iago is introduced into the play is a more sympathetic view of what is generally thought of as evil. Iago is introduced into the play as a wronged man treated badly by his commanding officer. The position of lieutenant that he believed he should occupy for I am worth no worse a place has been given to "a great arithemetician, One Michael Cassio" Iago is also annoyed that Cassio is Florentine that means that that Cassio is in a different class to Iago and obviously better educated. Shakespeare presents Iago like this to show the periods emphasis on class and education, as Iago is feeling inferior to Cassio in ranks he also feels inferior to him as a man. ...read more.


education or class has got him his high position as Othello was once a slave and had fought his way up with Iago. This is different from Cassio who had been taught how to be a soldier "That never set squadron in a field" I think Shakespeare makes Iago hate Othello due to his contempt for Cassio, as he never had a reason to dislike Othello till Cassio was promoted. Iago seem to be jealous of the close relationship between Cassio and Othello.Iago only mentions [hating] the Moor when he believes that he is sleeping with his wife. Iago has trust and love issues with Emilia and with love in general as he describes it as a permission of the blood and a lust of the will. When Shakespeare allows Iago to talk of love in a meaningful, ardent way is when Iago speaks of the love of men. ...read more.


"For loving you to much" Drawing nearer to Shakespeare's finale of Iago planning to get Cassio and Desdemona from Othello, Iago says this is the night that either makes me or fordoes me quite. This is showing that if Iago's plan does not work out like he planned he will physically, emotionally and spiritually die. Shakespeare tries to outwardly present Iago as an evil spiteful character and slightly underneath all his other characters that are very strong minded sexual characters. If read between the line Iago is a sexually uncertain person who finds strength in slander and having a sense of unfeeling about him makes him seem invincible to the hurt and pain that he will cause. The lack of concrete evidence to why Iago chooses to cause so much heartache, is why he is such an interesting and fascinating character. Todd Geisel 08/05/07 ...read more.

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