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What do you see as Dickens' social aims in "A Christmas Carol" and how does he go about achieving them

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What do you see as Dickens' social aims in "A Christmas Carol" and how does he go about achieving them? In the book ' A Christmas Carol', Dickens describes the poor, how they were treated unfairly and how they were thought as animals rather than human beings. Dickens portrays the rich as ignorant and selfish people that think they are bigger than the world itself. Charles Dickens new a lot about poverty, as his parents were not earning enough money to pay of debts, which meant that Dickens himself had to leave school at the age of 12 to work in a factory. He had a terrible experience; he had felt what it was like to be poor, to have no hope for the future and worked long hours in a dirty factory. Charles dickens used Scrooge to symbolize the minority of the population that are inconsiderate & rich. Scrooge was a mean man, who made people work hard and lived for profit, ' but he was a tight fisted hand at the grindstone'. Ebenezer Scrooge was a cold hearted, emotionless and pessimistic man that was very lonesome but was not bothered about this situation. Scrooge had a lifeless source of friendship, money! ...read more.


Scrooge, for most of the novel, is a tough and heartless character, which represents the minority of the population, the rich and the ignorant. At the start of the novel, Dickens does not waste any time in describing the kind of man Scrooge is, 'hard and sharp as a flint.' The first spirit is the Ghost of Christmas Past, which is specifically Scrooge's past. This is personifying memory for Scrooge as it is in the past. This ghost led him through a series of scenes from him as a small boy to becoming a young man. The light that shines from the Ghost's head symbolizes the 'illumination' which can come from reflecting on one's past, and the cap which the Ghost wears symbolizes the ability each person has to extinguish the light of memory. Through this period, he saw scenes from his kind sister Fan, who is the mother of his nephew, Fred. This encounter made scrooge realise how he used to have family that cared for him and felt a slight bit of happiness, but as usual didn't show much of it. They then went of to stop on a street lit up outside a warehouse, and instantly scrooge knew exactly where he was, 'why, its old Fezziwig! ...read more.


I will not shut out the lessons that they teach. Oh tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone!' Scrooge then wakes up to find that it is over and the spirits have given him a chance to prove himself as a noble man, and is pleased to see it is Christmas day. I think the morale of this story is that people can change, whatever way they act, so they should be a given a chance to prove themselves. Also the morale is that happiness is everywhere where you believe it can be, no matter how poor or rich you are, no matter how ill or well you are, you can bring happiness, not only for yourself but for others as well. The 'present' Ghost reveals the two children from under his robe, which represent ignorant and want, are very important to the novel, especially the Boy. Dickens tries to illustrate the ignorance of those who could help change things but choose to ignore them, and also Dickens is trying to express that the poor are ignorant too and that if they had a little help they would be able to help themselves. Scrooge does change at the end of the story, once seeing the future when he was at the graveyard. He helps the Cratchit's and Tiny Tim live, which represents light and warmth. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shahil Mehta 11ND ...read more.

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