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What Does “Macbeth” have to say About The Idea Of Kingship?

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What Does "Macbeth" have to say About The Idea Of Kingship? "Macbeth" was a play written by William Shakespeare, written in the early part of King James I of England and VI of Scotland. "Macbeth" is a play about a captain the Scottish Army, who usurps the throne. Shakespeare wrote this play for King James, therefore making one of the main themes of the play kingship. At the time Shakespeare wrote the play, Elizabethans believed that the King or Queen, were assigned by God, to rule the country. They also believed that the King was the assistant of God, and to assassinate the reigning monarch was a crime of the highest order. Being one of the main themes of the play, there is a lot mentioned about kingship. Shakespeare uses a major contrast between the two Kings Duncan and Macbeth. Duncan is used to portray the perfect king, being kind, generous, honest and trusting. These are just some of the many qualities, he is depicted to have. He is also quick to reward any good work, "And with his former title greet Macbeth." (Act 1,sc 4) Here he rewards Macbeth for his heroics in battle. ...read more.


2). Macbeth, as a king, shows he lacks the major attribute of self-control, the main cause of the series of murders, he carries out, during his reign. His link with evil and the supernatural, is also the main cause for him losing all the respect and loyalty of his subjects, "Those he commands, move only in command, Nothing in love...................................." (Act 5, sc. The frequent reference to Macbeth as "the tyrant" clearly shows to us that he no longer holds any respect from his people. Shakespeare associates Macbeth with the supernatural, and the low lives of society, to depict to the reader, that this is something that is usually not linked with a good king, proving Macbeth to be an careless, and scandalous king. Shakespeare reveals to us more qualities, of a bad king, by showing us how Macbeth turned into a dishonest and untrustworthy king, which is shown well in the murder of his dear friend Banquo. This murder and that Macduff's family, show to us how insecure Macbeth was as king. This is shown when Macbeth talks openly about his suspicion of Banquo, "..............in his royalty of nature Reigns that which would be fear'd." ...read more.


This scene is perfect for telling the audience, good and bad qualities for a king, and also to tell us that Malcolm is capable of being king. The king that we hear about least of all in the play, is King Edward of England. Even though he is hardly mentioned, Shakespeare still uses him to represent a good king, telling us how his healing power, "A most miraculous work in this good king,.." is because of how religious he is. We can also see that he is a caring king, who is not willing to let others suffer, depicted when he helps Malcolm and Macduff in their uprising against Macbeth. In the play, "Macbeth", Shakespeare has developed the idea of Kingship very well. This allows the audience to realise the good qualities a king should have, and the bad aspects they should not. King Duncan has a positive character, which includes honour, trust and care, which are identified as the proper features needed for kingship. Malcolm, and King Edward are used in the same way. Macbeth, however, is the exact opposite. He possesses a ruthless and disparaging character, who murders due to insecurity, demonstrating to the audience a contradictory to the qualities possessed by a proper king. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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