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What does "Educating Rita" gain, and what does it lose from being a two-handed play set in one room?

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What does "Educating Rita" gain, and what does it lose from being a two-handed play set in one room? Willy Russell has written the play "Educating Rita" as a two-handed play set in one room not only for financial and logistical reason. The play gains far more than just these reasons. The play's focus is the impact the process of education has on both characters therefore there is no need for additional characters. It could be argued that being set in the same room with the same two characters would bore the audience however Willy Russell's writing holds the attention of the audience throughout. The characters relationship changes throughout the play. By the play being set in the room their social life isn't really shown, but this is compensated for by the characters narrating their social life whilst in Frank's room. In the opening scene the single set of Frank's office is a typical example of a lectures' room, lined with books, table covered in papers, and a taste in art with a religious picture of a naked lady, however Frank's first actions are very ironic. ...read more.


This shows that Rita enjoys going to see Frank and without going to see him her week would be totally different. After Rita saw the Shakespeare play, the following day Rita rushed to see Frank during her lunch break desperate to tell him about her experience the previous night. When Frank invited Rita to his house for a dinner party, she failed to turn up. She tells him how she was scared and how she is not able to mix with middle class people. She says. "I'm all right here with you, here in this room, but when I saw those people you were with I couldn't come in." By Rita saying this it shows she is comfortable in Frank's room with him. She feels secure in it. It shows how important it is compared to the other places in her life, such as the loud hairdressers, her home where arguments always occur, and the lonely pub where she lives a 'normal life'. ...read more.


There are also practical disadvantages and these are the obvious ones such as, a minimum amount of time for costume changes, no time for the actors to rest, also audience boredom because of the same two characters on the stage all the time, however the advantages are far greater then the disadvantages but the fact that the play consists of only two people is not a major problem. The main thing is the content of the play and Willy Russell writes the play so brilliantly that is grabs the audiences attention and holds it throughout the play. In conclusion Rita and Frank both changed with the help of each other. They both changed for the best. It shows the process of education and how it has changed both Rita's and Frank's lives. Educating Rita defiantly gains far more than it loses from being a two handed play set in one room for both financial and logistical reasons. Even thought there are many disadvantages the advantages of the play are far greater and therefore make the play overall a brilliant play to read. Jugdeesh Singh 10 Blue ...read more.

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