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What does John Steinbeck in 'Of Mice And Men' tell us about life in the Americain 1930s?

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What does the John Steinbeck 'OF MICE AND MEN' tell us about life in America in the 1030s? In this assignment I will be exploring the issue of 'MICE AND MEN' written by John Steinbeck and what does the he says about life in America in the 1930. John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California. His mother was a schoolteacher before she got married she used to read lots of book to him e.g. Stevenson's Treasure Island, robin Hood and also the Bible. She read all these books to him before she goes to school by the time he was five years old he was a confident reader of himself. His father loves nature to. At the start of the story John Steinbeck introduces the readers to the two main characters, George and Lennie. George small sharp, intelligence and lennie huge, powerful, likes to feel nice things and also he has a mind of a child. The novel start with George, lennie's guardian and making their way to a new ranch because they have been chase out of their previous work in a place called Weed. ...read more.


Where as badness happen while they are in the nasty place of the ranch. The story circle around some main events, the first is the late arrival of George and lennie at the ranch which gives the reader an early warning that things were not going to go well for them in the ranch. This is when Curley arrives in the bunkhouse and stares angrily at George and lennie. "He glanced coldly at George and then at lennie" It is obvious that Curley does not like George and lennie. When George and lennie meet Curley's wife for the very first time lennie immediately become interested in her. "Lennie watch her, fascinated" They meet Curly, the chief son, who takes an immediate dislike to Lennie. As the time passes in the Bunkhouse Curley's dislike rises until a fight take place in the house .Lennie crushes Curley's hand. Lennie later on in the Bunkhouse lennie touch and kills a small dog. The next day the ranch workers were playing a game while Lennie and Curley's wife were taking suddenly lennie start feeling Curley's wife hair as you know that lennie like to stroke nice things he accidentally breaks her neck until she fall down. ...read more.


This is more highlighted when Curley bully's Lennie into fighting him." Come on, Ya big bastard".This draw attention to the destroy, jealousy and hatred suffer by Curley for people that are bigger than him. On the other hand the reader at the start has pity for Lennie, a huge man with the mind of a child, who is describing as a kind monster. Steinbeck uses the character Slim to call to the reader that Lennie is a not an evil man. Slim, known as the "leader" of the ranch, declares his feelings towards Lennie. Consequently the reader is left in no doubt that Lennie's actions are not deliberate. Despite this the reader is still frightened by Lennie as Steinbeck uses the image of a big strong man and compares his image to that of a large white bear when describing Lennie: As the story comes to a great moment George killing Lennie to keep him from the community shame that Curley would focus him to. Reading this book has given me a close into the way in which society treats some people as outcast. In my opinion this is the key reason that John Steinbeck chose to write this novel. ...read more.

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