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What does Josh learn about relationships during the course of the novel Lost Property?

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Student no. c3187927 EPHUMA 122: Literacy and Communication What does Josh learn about relationships during the course of the novel Lost Property? The novel Lost Property by James Moloney focuses on the idea of a teenager, Josh Tambling, and what is most important in his life and the way he perceives and understands the different views on relationships within his social boundaries. For the duration of the novel Josh evolves a more sophisticated view on relationships through the experiences he faces and the people that have left a lasting impact on him the most. As the central protagonist acquires a better understanding on relationships throughout the novel he gains a perspective on how relationships can affect an individual, whether it is social influences or personal influences. Josh attains the value of family relationships through his brother Michael, which then Josh starts to realize that people have complex reasons for their actions, and not to judge a person by past experiences. Through working at the lost with Clive Josh starts to see the value of helping people and how some of the most basic objects can have such a great impact on a person such as bringing back a memory. ...read more.


While working at Lost Property Josh is accompanied by Clive who helps Josh in discovering the true rewards that come from helping people, and not to judge a character by looks. Josh gains understanding of the relationships individuals may have with their particular objects sentimental value. When Josh is working with Clive, he doesn?t see Clive as anything special but a work colleague. As Josh is working at Lost Property he encounters a women that has lost her brooch that was attached to her cardigan, once Clive discovers were the brooch is he offer to allow the young lady to rest a bit, Josh doesn?t understand why Clive cares so much. Josh tries to understand the relationship Clive has with particular customers such as the man and his lost diary. When Josh witnesses Clive hiding some of the items, he immediately suspects Clive of being a thief, but as he finds out in the auction that Clive bought back the items that were sold, he realized he was mistaken. As Josh realizes why Clive kept some items that were sold, Josh comes to understand the relationship between him and the customers and Josh tries to do the same. ...read more.


When Neven criticizes Josh about not having enough enthusiasm towards his singing, Josh considers maybe Gemma was right about complimenting on the type of music he plays, he doesn?t like the yelling. As Josh?s father Phil is driving, Josh inserts the cd he was given from Alicia when it starts playing both Josh and his dad relate to the song, the music brings Josh and his Father closer. As Phil gives Josh the cd by Don Jennings, Josh is immediately stunned by the way the lyrics of the song are played, at first Josh describes it as a really sad song but then realizes that there is more to it than that. As Josh is singing on stage he describes how the relationship with the song relates to him ?As I sang, the words cut through me like shattered glass, describing the weeks since my return? (Moloney, 2005, p. 246). Overall the novel Lost Property by James Moloney has dealt with many representations of Josh learning different examples of relationships, through the people he meets and the personal objects which in some cases determine the individual. The thesis does answer the questions because Josh does in fact evolve a more complex view on relationships leaving Josh less self-centered and open to more influences within his social boundaries. Daniel Pazeski ...read more.

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