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What Does Shakespeare's Macbeth have to say about kingship?

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61959 Patrick Thompson 23d March, 2009 What Does Shakespeare's "Macbeth" have to say about kingship? Task: Read "Macbeth" Discuss Relevant Issues Conditions: Done in Class and Own Time Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare which is about a thane called Macbeth who, spurred on by his wife, commits regicide by killing the King of Scotland, Duncan. After this Macbeth becomes king and he starts to go mad ordering the murder of his subjects including his best friend Banquo and Banquo's son, Fleance. He also starts to see things like ghosts of people he has murdered and daggers suspended in the air. At the end of the play Duncan's son, Malcolm, comes with an English army and murders Macbeth, taking his rightful place as King of Scotland. The first king mentioned in Macbeth is King Duncan. He is a great example of a good king. He shows concern for his subjects like when one of his captains comes to his headquarters to report on the fight. ...read more.


pride of place, Was by a mousing owl hawk'd at and kill'd" which means that a falcon flying in the air was attacked and killed by an owl who usually goes after mice. Ross also says that Duncan's horses have "Turn'd wild in nature" and began to attack and eat each other. All of this shows how important the kings were to the land. The king is the one who keeps everything running and is the most important person. Kings where considered to be anointed meaning that they where holy and the bridge between heaven and earth which is one of the reasons why Duncan's murder is considered so terrible because was thought to be almost god like. When Macbeth takes over the throne he is a good example of a terrible monarch. For a start he has usurped the throne by murdering the good king before him. One of his first actions is to order the murder of his best friends Banquo and Banquo's son. ...read more.


He shows mercy to Malcolm whom he protects. An unknown lord describes Malcolm as being "receiv'd of the most pious edward with such grace" meaning the saintly King Edward is treating him so well. Edward is also shown as having a strong sense of justice which can be by his decision to fight against they tyrant Macbeth, so that the people of Scotland may have stableness and peace once again. Many people even considered him to be holy believing that he could cure a disease could the kings evil simply with his touch all those who where "swoll'n and ulcerous" came to the king to be cured this is important as he showed he was half way to god. When Macbeth's castle is stormed by the King of England's soldiers the rightful King Duncan's son, Malcolm, takes his place as king. He correctly describes Macbeth as a "dead butcher" and Lady Macbeth as "fiend like". Malcolm shows one of qualities of his father Duncan by rewarding the men who fought by naming them earls of Scotland. He is a similar ruler to his father. ...read more.

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