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What does the audience learn of the lives and relationships of Helen and Jo in the opening scene of "A taste of honey"

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A Taste of honey What does the audience learn of the lives and relationships of Helen and Jo in the opening scene of "A taste of honey" Helen is the mother of Jo. Jo's dad does not live with them. They live in a basic flat in Manchester. The audience learns that Helen and Jo do not get on well with each other. Helen - "children owe their parents these little attentions." Jo - "I don't owe you a thing." These quotes show that Jo does not respect her mother and what her mother does for her. ...read more.


Jo - "you can afford something better than this old ruin." Helen - "when you can start earning, you can stat moaning." Jo has no understanding of how much things cost and has high expectations. Helen and Jo are poor. Helen - "when I find somewhere for us to live I have to consider something far more important than your feelings..........the rent. It's all I can afford." This shows that Helen does not care what Jo thinks as long as they have somewhere to live. Helen and Jo are bickering with each other regularly. ...read more.


Jo is the most dominant character because she argues with her mom and gets her own way. Jo thinks that she does not have to do what her mom tells her. Helen - "pass me that bottle it is, in the carriers." Jo - "why should I run around after you?" A possible reason for Jo getting her own way is that Jo has been independent from a young age. I think the writer of this play Shelagh Delaney was trying to show how the years were moving on e.g. black people being with white people, people finding work at an early age, leaving home at an young age. By Chris Wilkes ...read more.

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