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What does the Bible teach Christians about love?

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Year 10 Essay: Making moral decisions. a) What does the Bible teach Christians about love? The Bible teaches many things about love but the main message in the Bible, and also the strongest is to love your enemies. This can be found in Matthew 5:38-48 (The Sermon on the Mount). Jesus teaches how we should love our friends but also love our enemies also. The reasoning behind this is that you are only being human by loving your friends but if you love your enemies also this is what makes you heavenly. The Ten Commandments also teach Christians about love. They say that you should love your mother and your father and should not do anything that does not contain a feeling of love or caring, for example 'Do not steal' and 'Do not commit adultery'. If you commit adultery then you are not showing a feeling of love towards your partner, and if you stole something you are not showing a feeling of love towards the person you stole from. The first teachings about love in The Bible can be found in Leviticus 19:18: 'Do not take revenge on anyone or continue to hate him, but love your neighbour as you love yourself.' ...read more.


It is this that separates the religious from the non-religious and those that will be received into the kingdom of God from those that will not. This is thought as very important and significant in a Christian's life. b) Explain how being a Christian can influence people's reactions to different moral issues? Lots of people have different views on different issues. Christians believe that the Ten Commandments are a short set of principles for living. Strict Christians would take the Ten Commandments literally, so if someone stole a loaf of bread because their children were starving this is wrong no matter what. If someone was to murder, even in self-defence this is wrong and they believe that the person involved should be punished sufficiently. These people are called 'Deontologists', because they live by a set of rules, i.e. The Ten Commandments, and if these rules say an action is wrong then it is wrong. There are some Christians who will look at either the consequences of the action or look at each case individually and then decide what they should do about it. ...read more.


Some people would disagree and say that The Church does have something to teach society as The Bible is all about love and peace. The Church can then offer advice to members of society about how they should live their lives. The Church knows how to interpret The Bible and therefore can tell interested people what they want to know. I think the Church does have something to teach society, but it is not that they should believe in God, it is how they should live their life. The Church never once said that the Commandments were to be taken literally, which is how God would have liked them to be understood. The last six commandments are about social issues and are sometimes called the 'Social Commandments'. For example, in society murder is thought of as wrong and the sixth commandment also says this. The first four commandments are about religion and the Church has never forced people to live by these, even though they were important in the times of Jesus. I think society could learn from the Church if it wanted to that is. Society has a lot to learn and maybe by listening to the Church, but not necessarily believing, then it could be made better. ...read more.

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