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What does the Pike represent in the poem "Pike" by Ted Hughes?

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What does the Pike represent in the poem "Pike" by Ted Hughes? Ans.: Ted Hughes is one of the most famous names in the contemporary world of poetry. 'Pike' is a thought-provoking poem by the 'Animal poet' Ted Hughes, an eminent modern English poet. His poems show an inventiveness, a joy in the exercise of his art, that exists side by side with a curiosity that is sometimes compassionate, sometimes simply fierce. The three inches long pike is the protagonist of this poem. Its malevolent and voracious disposition, cruelty and cannibalistic nature cover the core of the poem. Outwardly it is a charming fish of fresh water with green stripes over its golden body. As the poet points out, pike is a killer fish; it is born to kill. Even a newly born pike has an ancient, spiteful grin. Pikes ravel in dancing on the surface of water as they are very aware of the powers they hold. This understanding of their capacity to dominate over other fishes gives a continual motion and joy to their nature. ...read more.


In a submarine world full of conflict and struggle pike and other fishes have to constantly fight each other for their own existence. Pike, by dint of its cruel nature, triumphs over others. The way it dominates its world reminds us of man's fight against the mysterious forces of nature. In this connection the poet recalls an incident of his childhood. One night the poet fished in an old pond; he recalls that mysterious and peculiar experience. As the poet tells us, the pond was full of the killer pikes. Suddenly an uncanny fear numbed all his sensations; something was staring at him-was his predominant fear. The pond was as deep as the history of England. At was a weird atmosphere of total deep and darkness. The ancient stone of the monastery, the lilies, the hooting of the owls, each and every phenomena of nature turns out to be cryptic that night. The sight was so silent that it seemed as if the silent were splashing on the pitch black water of the pond. ...read more.


They try fighting each other then unfortunately both are destroyed. This attitude of the pike matches with the human beings tremendously. The stanza where it says: Stilled legendary depth It was as deep as England. It held Pike too immense to stir, so immense and old. It shows that the evil in man has been going on for such a long time that it has become as deep as England and also too immense to stir. The evil is the root of all destruction but like the pike it is also in a legendary depth and has become a part greatly subscribes with man. With the hair frozen on my head For what might move, for what eye might move Pike is a bright example of Ted Hughes true poetic brilliance. In our modern scientific age we are becoming more and more a machine. And we are forgetting that there is a nature outside. But the poet has used a simple fish to attract our attention. The beauty of the poem simply charms us. Ted Hughes/Pike/Image of Pike ...read more.

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