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What does the story of The Star Beast tell us about human nature? The star beast is a short story by Nicholas Grey

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What does the story of The Star Beast tell us about human nature? The star beast is a short story by Nicholas grey about a beast that goes through many people of which some treat him good but most bad. The story starts when a strange spaceship that crash lands in "the night sky." No one had discovered the cause for this tragic disturbance. Soon after the beast was heard "crying" at the door of a farmer. The farmer and his wife tended it as the found that it was injured and hurt. They fed it clothed it and cared for it. They treated it very nicely instead of treating it like a piece of dirt and like he was below human. ...read more.


Whenever he wanted to say something to defend his case the experts would say "parrot talk!" The professors of "living and dead languages" taught it simple speech. After a week he wanted to speak to them however they just replied "parrot talk" and "laughed loudly" even after a lot of talking human still do not listen to him and instead framing him as a beast that does not know anything. The beast will be feeling a mixture of angriness and sadness. The worst people were the next the group of professors who did not hurt him just emotionally but physically as well. One of the professors "hit the creature with his walking cane" and in sorrow the beast "covered its face with its hands." ...read more.


The crowd also do not show any unhappiness for him but instead they would sshout and call names at him. The circus owner got fed up and put him in a cage for no one to see him again but one night he escaped the cage and ran off in to the wilderness and the then was killed by a hunter because the story says" the last glimpse that anyone saw of him was by a hunter". The sad ending of the story sums it up for me as it gives me a conclusion that human can be horrible and think they are better than any creature of animal. The story also tells me that in every bad there is good because of the farmer and his wife who cared for him and if it was not for them the beast would have been killed at the start if the story ?? ?? ?? ?? September 2009 ...read more.

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