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What dramatic methods does Priestley use to convey the social and moral message of the play

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What dramatic methods does Priestley use to convey the social and moral message of the play? How successful do you think he is? J.B Priestley's play "An Inspector Calls" is a medium to express his thoughts and feelings towards socialism. Priestley was known to sympathise with the plight of the lower classes. He was involved in many socialist movements, and during 1934, wrote a book called "English Journey." This outlined Britain's complacency during the prosperous Industrial Revolution, which had led to the slump of the First World War. During the play, Priestley portrayed these views in the form of the Inspector. He uses the Inspector to act as a mouthpiece, displaying and uncovering the lying and deceitfulness of the Birling family and showing the moral and social message of the play. He conveys that the actions and the thoughtlessness of the upper classes have repercussions on the lives of the lower classes. The play is set in the 1912, but was first performed in 1946. Priestley used this to his advantage by creating a plateau to base many examples of dramatic irony on. He could do this because of the time settings. The play relies greatly on the audiences' foreknowledge. ...read more.


Even if he did not see her photo, he immediately remembered her name. This was from a meeting with her in the Stalls at the Palace theatre. He took advantage of Eva's position and had a relationship with her. The moral message that elaborates here is that people should not be able to buy themselves into a relationship. Mrs Birling is an example of stereotyping of the rich as ignorant and irresponsible. Her views are old fashioned and very conservative. She does not see people for who they really are and can only separate people by their status and class. This is proved when she talks about Eva Smith and describes her as "Girls of that class." Mrs Birling also does not consider that higher-class people should mix with lower classes as it conveyed in the play at the Stall Bar in the Palace. This again shows her ignorance outside her coiffed world. Even if Mrs Birling works for a charity, the audience senses that she is not there to assist less well off people, but to promote her status and demonstrate to others that she is supposedly considerate. This once again conveys the message that the upper classes can change the lives of the lower classes by their actions. ...read more.


It also shows that all their actions together, could have easily contributed to killing someone. The play "An Inspector Calls" is well made and thought out. It uses twists and gets the audience involved. Throughout, it keeps you guessing. You know that someone else will have a connection with the death but you do not know who and how. The play is successful at conveying the moral and social message. It leaves you thinking about the gaps in class and status still are intact today. I have always believed that status should be earned instead of inheriting it, as Sheila and Eric did. However this view was one sided and in today's modern world there is no right or wrong side to be on, if it be capitalist or socialist. This is why I believe that in parts the play is too didactic, and I feel J.D Priestley is preaching to me. This is because the play "An Inspector Calls" was not written primarily for enjoyment, but Priestley's main agenda was to show the moral and social message behind it. This is not what, in my opinion a play should be. On the other hand, the novel has opened up my eyes to the difficult debate and tensions between socialism and capitalism. ?? ?? ?? ?? George Allcroft 10Y ...read more.

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