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What drives Romeo and Juliet towards their tragic end and could it have been prevented?

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What drives Romeo and Juliet towards their tragic end and could it have been prevented? Analysis of Main Characters Romeo: The name Romeo is often associated to love. Romeo Montague is in love with a lady name Rosaline. The Montague's and the Capulets are enemies who have been fighting since before Romeo was born. Romeos friends Mercutio and Benvolio take Romeo to a party at the Capulets so he can take his mind of Rosaline. At the party he sees Juliet. Overall Romeo is a strong willed character who also refers to Rosaline and Juliet by poetry. Juliet is no replacement as soon as Romeo sees Juliet he instantly forgets that Rosaline ever existed. Romeo is loyal to his friends as when Tybalt had killed Mercutio he wouldn't stand for it he went back and retaliated against Tybalt and killed him, for this he was exiled to Mantua. When he heard of Juliet's death by his friend Balthazar he so devastated that he sneaks back into Verona and buys poison from the local apothecary. When he reaches Verona and enters the tomb where Juliet is buried he drinks the poison. Juliet: During the play she is only 15 years old. During this age she is in the middle of mature and immature. ...read more.


He is a kind priest who gives advice to both of the teenagers through out the play. When Romeo got banished the friar helped Romeo and Juliet spend their first night as husband and wife together. Friar Lawrence also sent Romeo letters telling him about Juliet. Juliet came to the friar for help when she found out that she was marrying Count Paris. The friar brings the fate about the play in simple words he causes most of the things to happen. If it was not for the friar then the whole play would fall apart. Mercutio: Mercutio is the funny comical character throughout the play. He was the one that suggested to gate crash the Capulet party. He is always making jokes and teases. He makes fun of Romeo when he finds out he is in love. He is Romeos friend and the Princes cousin. He also makes fun of Tybalt. As Mercutio dies he says: a plague a' both houses they have made worms meat of me' this means that as Mercutio was dying he cursed both of the families as he blamed both for his dead and that they killed him and as he is buried he will be worms food. ...read more.


to see his 'deceased' wife Juliet. If he was found in Verona he would be killed as the Prince of Verona said: 'else when he is found that hour is his last.' This means that if Romeo his found in Verona he will be killed. Historical context In the 16th Century things were very different compared to the 21st century. England in the 16th century was run by Queen Elizabeth I the average man had no vote and his wife had no rights. England in the 16th century was mainly white race country. It was not till the early 20th century when other races started to come to England. Religion England was a Christian country. The religion was very strict. It was compulsory for everyone to come to church and if they were absent without a good reason they could be fined. Everyone was baptized soon after they were born. Marriages were only performed by the licensed clergy. It was the same with funerals. Education Only boys were allowed to go to school whilst girls had to stay home and learn to cook, sew and perhaps music. At the age of four boys might have gone to a 'petty school' (French for petite ecole) and at seven they would have started grammar school if their fathers could pay the school fees. ...read more.

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