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What effect does Miller intend to produce when creating the setting for 'The Crucible?'

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What effect does Miller intend to produce when creating the setting for 'The Crucible?' The play 'The Crucible' was written in 1952 by Arthur Miller. The play was set in 1692 in Salem. The play is about people in a village called Salem and everyone in the village think that there are such things as witches and who ever is a witch is cut out of society. There are a small group of people that are though to be witches or have connections with witches. The play is in four acts. Act one is set in a bed room in Reverent praises house, act two is set in the proctors house , act 3 is set in the court and act four is set in the prisons and hanging place. In act one it is in a very small bed room. The bed room is all dull colours. It has very few things in it, it has a chest, table, candle, chair, a very small window and a bed. ...read more.


They begin having dinner in there common room and it comes out that Mary Warren has gone into Salem. John Proctor had forbidden her to go to Salem and had ago at his wife for allowing Mary to override her. She tells John what Mary has told her about the meet of a court and its actions about the girls' accusations. They argue again about his past involvement with the girl and Elizabeth's continuing doubt. Mary Waren arrives home at that moment and so Proctor turns his anger onto her. She hangs limp and claims illness. Proctor releases her and reminds her of her duty to his family. In act 3 Martha Corey is on trial in the Salem court. Her husband bursts into the courtroom shouting that he has evidence of her innocence Francis Nurse was with him. They reveal that Elizabeth Proctor has claimed to be pregnant and when Proctor still refuses to drop his charges of fraud (His wife cannot be hung as long as she carries an child), Danforth insists that he means to attack them. ...read more.


They ask Parris why he has been troubled and it is revealed that Abigail has gone with Mercy Lewis. Parris attempt s to convince the men to stop the hangings, realizing that it has all been taken to far. The men refuse however, to even delay the hangings. They then speak to Elizabeth Proctor, now three months pregnant, to try to convince her to compel her husband into confessing and saving himself. She promises nothing but asks to speak to him anyway. When She tells him that Giles Corey was presssed to death. The court piled stones upon him, the idea being that he would answer under the stress of the gret weight. Instead, Corey simply called for more weight until he was finally crushed . Hathorne enters and John tells him that that he will keep his life. The men enter and begin to take his confession. He finally sign it but then, unable to stand the lie, rips the confession to shreds. Danforth announces his fate. Rebecca and John are led out. Hale begs Elizabeth to plead with her husband but she will not. Andrew Warren ...read more.

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