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What effects does cannabis have?

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Cannabis Cannabis (pronounced IPA: ['kan.n?.bis]) (also called Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, or Marijuana) is a plant. The cannabis plant's leaves and flowers have a chemical or drug known as THC (short for tetra-hydro-cannabinol) that gives a person who smokes or eats the plant a feeling of euphoria (it makes the user feel good or happy). Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. Types of cannabis The two main types of cannabis used as a drug are marijuana and hashish. * Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. The stems, twigs, and seeds are usually separated out and not smoked, since they contain only tiny amounts of THC. Marijuana is usually smoked in a cigarette paper, a pipe, or a water-filtered pipe known as a bong. Some people also eat marijuana or use it in cooking. * Hashish is a sticky, thick, dark resin (like sap) that drips from the cannabis plant. To make hashish, workers hit or rub cannabis plants to get the resin or sap to come out, and then the resin is collected. Hashish is a much stronger form of marijuana, because it has much more THC than marijuana has. ...read more.


When a person breathes in the marijuana smoke or eats it, he or she gets a feeling called "getting high" or "getting stoned". The most common effects of the drug include feeling happy, feeling relaxed, feeling silly, feeling scared, or not being able to think clearly (or not being able to remember anything at all), and getting hungry. Smoking marijuana also changes how people think and feel, and this can make it either harder or easier to solve some problems. Some people who take marijuana feel strange or paranoid (worried that something bad is going to happen). When people smoke or eat cannabis, they often get hungry, because cannabis increases a person's appetite. The slang term for this effect is "the munchies". Since hashish is much stronger than marijuana (dried cannabis leaves and flowers), people who take large amounts of hashish may feel even stronger effects. They may also hear strange sounds, or have strange visions or thoughts called hallucinations. Some hashish users like the feeling of these visions and thoughts. Others may find them scary. Dangers of using cannabis Marijuana is one of the least dangerous illegal drugs that are commonly used. ...read more.


A cigar skin filled with marijuana makes a "blunt". There are also many slang terms for cannabis smoking, such as "smoking weed" or "smoking pot." There are also many slang terms for cannabis intoxication, such as "getting high", getting "baked", getting "toasted", getting "blazed", "toking the reefer", getting "torched", getting "blasted" and "getting stoned." History Marijuana was grown in plantations (very big farms) in the eastern United States from around 1775 to the mid 1860s. When the plantations disappeared by 1870, marijuana grew wild along the east coast and New England. Like many plants with a lot of fibre in them, cannabis can be used to make clothes, rope, and paper. When grown for these purposes it is often called hemp or industrial hemp. Cannabis that is used for making rope or paper has a very low amount of the chemical THC in it. You cannot get "high" from hemp rope or paper, because there is almost no THC drug in it. In the early 1900s, most rope used to be made from hemp. During World War II, the United States government made a movie to get farmers to grow more hemp so that there would be enough to make rope and cloth for the war effort. This movie was called Hemp For Victory. http://simple.wikipedia.org.wiki/Cannabis ...read more.

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