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What Elements Proceed in Making the Monkeys Pawa Successful Horror Story?

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What Elements Proceed in Making the Monkeys Paw a Successful Horror Story? There are in actual fact a various number of techniques and components, which constitute in creating dramatic tension and then sustaining it, thereby making The Monkeys Paw a successful horror story. The Monkeys Paw tells the story of a mystical talisman with supernatural capabilities. The story consists of two sets of characters, The White family, who personify the rational, and Sergeant Major Morris, representing the supernatural. The chemistry between these two sets of characters will become more apparent later on, as I will discuss it in more detail. The monkeys paw grants any three wishes to whoever may hold it, although each individual wish possesses some kind of adverse side effect. The monkeys paw was given to the to the White family by a mysterious old man, Sergeant Major Morris. Despite Sergeant Major Morris's various indirect warnings as to what the monkeys paw was capable of, the White family purely dismissed them, 'better let it burn'. The father of the family then proceeded to wish for �200. (This could be an indication as to when the story was written, pre-twentieth century. �200 in this modern age would not be considered a vast sum of money.) The consequence of this wish was the resulting death of his son at work (Maw and Meggins), although the family received exactly �200 as compensation, 'they wish to present you with a certain sum of compensation'. Due to the mother's natural bereavement at the death of her son, she then found herself forcing her husband to wish to wish Herbert (her son) ...read more.


The three stories are set in an isolated area, which gives us an idea of tragedy later on and therefore helps create tension. The weather is overcast and gloomy, which helps give the atmosphere an uncomfortable and strange feeling. Each story is set in windy, dark, rainy conditions in very mysterious, old areas which are described very strangely and in great detail. This helps set the stories genre as horror and adds to the tension. Each story follows similar fundamentals and materials, "The Monkey's Paw" is regarding a talisman in the shape of a monkeys paw which grants three wishes to who ever may hold it, who in this case is the White family, but the wishes don't come true exactly as they expected but instead brings great misfortune upon the family. The location was solitary and confined to one house. The setting was described "cold and wet". The Red Room tells the story of a Room in an old broken down house which had been said to be haunted, the narrator had been sent to investigate the theory, after spending one night there he found out through experience that the only supernatural activities in that room was from the fear in his own imagination. Again the location was isolated and restricted to one house or more so to one room. In this story the setting was set inside the house, "The long draughty subterranean passage was chilly and draughty" Where as the Signalman is about a lonely man who is being tormented by his own fate. He is being haunted by a spectre signalling him of his own death, but his ignorance clouds him from understanding this and so the story ends in tragedy. ...read more.


This helps to maintain the tension, as if to end the story with a question mark. The language is very effective in creating tension; all three stories are written in a very formal style. The vocabulary is very complicated and hard to understand. This is expected due to the stories pre 20th century background, this helps makes the story more effective. The structure of the language is represented through long sentences followed by shorter ones or quotes this technique is used through out all three stories to build up tension and is very successful in doing so. Repetition is used very frequently to highlight noises, colours and settings such as "candlelight, footsteps, inflamed, fire, shadow". This is a literacy technique, which the writers use to create tension. The stories are described in great detail as to create a better understanding and picture of the stories. By doing so they add to the tension. Evidence that the stories are pre 20th century are common in all three stories. The fact that they use candlelight or the telegraphic instruments in the Signalman, though the main evidence of this is the different views of the supernatural. During this time the supernatural was far more believable where as now we would need scientific proof to say if something was real or not. This pre 20th setting is more effective in creating the setting for a horror genre and to create tension. In conclusion many aspects add to creating tension in all three stories, such as the isolated settings and atmosphere, the complicated pre 20th century language, the structure of the characters and there purposes in the story but mainly the idea of superstition V rational Each individual story uses both common and individual characteristics to create tension which are very successful in there own way. ...read more.

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