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What Factors contribute to Romeo and Juliet's love being shortlived?

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What Factors contribute to Romeo and Juliet's love being shortlived? Romeo and Juliet were victims of their own fate. Events around them had a major impact on their love and the fact that they could not be together. The parents were not at the forefront of the feud. The servants causing the parents to face of to each other did most of the feuding. We see this in Act 1 Scene 1 when Gregory and Sampson speak about upholding their master's name, which is Capulet. They immediately see the Montague servants and instantaneously start a fight with them. This shows that the feuding will continue for a long time. This will eventually cause the two young lovers to take their lives. It can be said that Romeo and Juliet were to blame because they were not able to deal with their situation, which made them make rash and impulsive decisions. In this essay, I will answer this question in five phases. The first phase is at the start with the prologue. The chorus instantly tell the audience that Romeo and Juliet will die which brings little surprise as the play progresses. "Two households, both alike in dignity," this line describes the Capulet's and the Montague's; this gives us some clue to why they might be feuding. Status plays a huge part in this play; in the Elizabethan times, status determined how you were treated in life. The Elizabethan audience would have acknowledged this and to them it was everyday life. The families would have been feuding with who was more important. It is significant to notice that the Prince is related to the Montagues, which could have started their feud "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny... ...read more.


Tybalt plays a major part in the play because he is shown to be rouge and the fact that he takes the feud between the two families seriously shows him to be violent and aggressive. He is always looking for a fight with the Montagues, we see this at the beginning when the servants are fighting and Tybalt arrives promptly. He even tries to start a fight with Romeo at the party held by Capulet. Shakespeare does not go into much detail into Tybalt. However, it is clear to see that Tybalt despises all the Montagues. Another big factor in Romeo and Juliet's quick decision making is Mercutio; he is Romeo's best friend and close confidant. Nevertheless, the differences between the two are very clear: Mercutio is loud and extroverted and has a view on everything. He uses very elaborate language (which was common in Shakespeare's time). "If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down." His views on love are much grounded, he says to Romeo who is clearly heartbroken to forget about love and to enjoy himself. This says much about Mercutio's character and leads us to think why he feels that way. Maybe events in the past have made him think this way; also, you could think that underneath the tough shell on the outside he is vulnerable and needy of affection. He is the first to die as he dies he says "A plague o' both your houses," this is foreshadow of what is to come. The plague comes again in the play when the Friar sends a message to Mantua to Romeo stating that Juliet is not really ...read more.


In our day the fact that a man was playing Juliet would lessen the audience understanding of Juliet because they would be focusing on the part that Juliet was a man and how the first kiss would be portrayed. To the Elizabethan audience it would be the most ordinary sight because it was normal life for them. I think that Shakespeare made a powerful representation of love when he wrote this play. The theme of hate comes in as well, the hate between the two families. It is important to note that it is not Lord Montague and Lord Capulet that are doing the fighting it is rather the younger generation, the hot headed, quick decisive young generation. The hate between them is re-kindled and especially most noticeable in Tybalt. He takes the feud seriously and is always waiting to have a fight with a Montague. He feels that the Montagues are filth and so must not be respected, his feeling. Hate is seen in every aspect of this play, from the language to the characters themselves. Superstition is a significant theme in this play, it is mentioned in some of the dialogue. The audience is forced to listen carefully and try to catch any mentions of superstition. We see superstition being mentioned when Romeo kills Tybalt he says "Romeo: O, I am fortune's fool" This statement underlines Romeo's feelings; this statement shows how fate has played him to be a fool. In Shakespeare's time, superstition played a major factor in people's lives; many people thought supernatural forces caused the things that happened. The most significant belief was in witches. This caused a major witch hunt in which thousands of people were killed. This superstitious view of people in Shakespeare was a major basis for most of his plays. ...read more.

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