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What for you are the most important thoughts and ideas that The Truman Show prompts?

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What for you are the most important thoughts and ideas that The Truman Show prompts? I find it striking how the film shows how people can't distinguish real world and reality TV. Weir uses the technique of presenting us with three different worlds; Truman's world, the world of Christof and his cast, and the world of the audience at home watching The Truman Show. By showing these three contrasting world's, Weir is able to show us how the media use manipulation to gain the response they desire. For example the scene where Truman is reunited with his 'father'. In this scene Christof is dictating and pulling the strings. He says, "Easy on the fog" and "cue the music". The Camera then moves to the audience at home watching the show. It shows their reaction to Christof's manipulation, they are emotionally attached and pleased that Truman has been reunited with his 'father'. By showing this world of the audience at home, Weir is able to show us how our reactions are similar to those of the audience at home. We are also manipulated by Christof and are emotionally attached. Weir then shows the cheers from Christof and his cast and the shouts of "well done everybody, congratulations" and "that will get the ratings up". ...read more.


The fact that Truman lives in a world where his destiny is controlled, leads me to the question: is Truman's world imaginary? It is difficult to differentiate imaginary and reality (this is the concept Weir explores). This leads me to consider what makes a world real. Reality is defined by relationships with others, faith and material possessions. Throughout the film, Truman embodies these characteristics to the fullest and therefore is can be said that Truman's world is not, nor ever will be, imaginary. This is perhaps why Christof says to him in the final scene, "The world out there is no more real than the world I've created for you". Truman's wife and mother try to manipulate him to stay by the things they say to him. For example when Truman is with his wife, Meryll, and his mother - going through photo albums. Meryll turns to a wedding photo of Truman and her and says, "Look Truman, the happiest day of our lives". This remark is designed to play on Truman's emotions and remind him of the 'happy' times he has had whist in Seahaven, and ultimately persuade him to stay in Seahaven. His mother then plays with his emotions and says, "Id like to have a grandchild before I go". ...read more.


An event from the film symbolising Christof's god-like figure is when he speaks through the clouds and says, "I am the creator". Also by placing Christof in the "omnicam ecosphere" and showing him directing where and how hard the storm should hit, Weir makes Christof seem like a god. In this film, satire is used because it highlights a folly in mankind (that is, the curiosity and invasion of the privacy of others) to help us understand the gravity of the media playing with someone's life. With Christof's team of technicians, all aspects of Truman's life are under-control. Overall, the main concept Weir is trying to convey is how people can't often tell the difference between real world and reality TV, and how the media use manipulation for their own gain. The utopia that is Seahaven is made to look like a giant sitcom or cartoon through the use of flat and idealized lighting and intense colours. The strange thing is that just like Truman, we accept this as reality. Weir also makes the use of product placement so obvious, for example when the two men Truman meets on his way to work push him into the advertising board which is advertising "Kaiser Chicken". This makes us realise how the media use manipulation to try and control and influence our lives today. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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