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What function does Inspector Goole play in "An Inspector Calls"

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What function does Inspector Goole play in "An Inspector Calls"? In J.B. Priestly's play, "An Inspector Calls", Inspector Goole plays a vital role. In this essay I will address the different roles this character surveys. It was written in 1945, 33 years after it was set. Since it was set so far behind when it was written and lots of things happened in that time, for example the Titanic and the 1WW, J.B. Priestly uses lots of dramatic irony which really draws the audience in. The inspector is made to be made a very strong character by being a very hard, tough even, character who is their to do his job and is not even threatened by Birlings threats. ...read more.


The inspector is not only used to find out the truth about the suicide but also to uncover home truths to the Burlings. He is also used as like a teacher or an educator to show everybody, not only on stage but also off stage as well, what is wrong with the world and how everybody is responsible for everyone else. Also he varies his sentence length, especially in the last speech, to put across his ideas very strongly. For example, "We don't live alone, we are members of one body, and we are responsible for each other." Inspector Goole also uses three points in one speech to make it sound very dramatic. For example, "One Eva Smith has gone - but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us..." ...read more.


at the police station says that there is no Inspector Goole where it say, "I met a police sergeant I know down the road. I asked him about this Inspector Goole and described the chap carefully to him. He swore there wasn't any Inspector Goole or anybody like him on the force here.". Mr Birling rings the chief constable and comes up with the same conclusion that there is not Inspector Goole. Also his name Inspector "Goole" sounds and looks like the word "ghoul". At the end of play when the Birling's and the audience think that they have discovered that the inspector is a fake and the whole crime was made up the Birlings get a phone call from the infirmary that said that a young girl has been brought in fitting the same description as Eva Smith. ...read more.

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