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What has been established so far in 'To Kill A Mocking Bird'?

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Claire Fooks 9Y What has been established so far in 'To Kill A Mocking Bird'? In your answer you must consider two of the following ideas/themes: education, racism, family relationships, victimisation, power vs. strength. You should deal with: ? Each topic methodically ? Explain how Harper Lee explores these theme using character, story and language ? Explore any relationships between themes you choose ? Cite a range of specific and relevant textual evidence In this essay I am going to focus on the themes of education and family relationships. Both of these play an important part in the book and can be linked together through many various ways. Harper Lee has managed to create a strong image of both the themes I am going to use by using many different characters. I will start by looking at how Harper Lee explores the theme of education. Harper Lee uses many different characters to explore this theme, many of them are from when Jean Louise starts at school. Some of these characters include Miss Caroline, Jean's teacher, who does not know the traditions people have in Maycomb, 'Miss Caroline is introducing a new way of teaching'. ...read more.


From the language used we know that Jean is very literate, as the language in the book is not basic like what would be expected, from a child her age, for example when she says, 'two live oaks stood at the edge of the Radley's lot', most children of Jean's age would say, 'two acorn trees grew at the side of the Radley's lot'. I will now look at family relationship from the story so far. There are many different families in the book and they are all known by their surname, the Finchs, the Ewells, the Cunninghams, the Radleys and many more. Also some of the characters that do not play a major part in the story are known by their surname, Miss Maudie and Mrs Dubose. I think the reason Harper Lee did this was so that the reader can instantly know what a person is like while reading the book. If after reading about Walter Cunningham, you later read about his father you would have some idea of what he is like. ...read more.


I chose to explore education and family relationships as I feel that there are a few relationships between them. At school Jean is told by Miss Caroline to stop her father from teaching her, but really it is Calpurnia teaching her to read, as she is literate. Also they are linked together because Jem and Jean go to school together and sometimes do things together in the playground or Jean refers to him at school, 'released from school thirty minutes earlier before Jem'. The final relationship is that readers learn about lots o the families in Maycomb from school. Both of my chosen themes play an important part in the story and we do not think about each of the above themes separately and it is then easier to understand the story by looking at each separate theme and linking them together. All the themes in the story play are relevant to the story and help portray what it is like in Maycomb and what is happening in the story. ...read more.

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