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What has happened so far - "The hound of the baskervilles".

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Pre 20th Century Prose study by Joss Cook What has happened so far "The hound of the baskervilles" What has happened so far is that Sherlock Holmes has been hired to protect sir Henry Baskerville by a Dr Mortimer. Sir Henry inherits the Baskerville estate after the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville. Sir Charles died of a heart attack but Dr Mortimer suspects something scared him to his grave by footprints around the scene of the death. A man sends Sir Henry a mysterious letter telling him to stay away from the hall of Baskervilles. The letter was cut out from newspaper clippings to disguise the intelligence of the author of the letter. Holmes recognises the font of the letter and realises it is from a newspaper intelligent people tend to read so he is not fooled. As they look outside they see a carriage, which they realise, has been following Sir Henry. They go out and chase it, all they get is a glimpse of a man with a beard but Holmes deducts that it was a false one. He gets the cab number and asks the driver when he catches up who his passenger was, the cab driver says, "His name was Sherlock Holmes". ...read more.


Thence I went straight to a friend in America. I tell you it is all as new to me as it is to Dr. Watson, and I'm as keen as possible to see the moor." Sir Henry had never seen for hall because the last time he was there it was when his father died then he left for America. Setting When they reach Baskerville Hall they reach a creepy setting. The moors are often foggy. The moors seem to be renowned for taking the lives of people. This sets the background as a cold harsh unforgiving wasteland. The setting around the hall is seen as being dismal and cold it is to set the mood for something that's wrong with the world. Why this episode is significant This episode is significant because this is where we find out the dark secrets of the Barrymore family. We also meet the characters in this book like Stapleton. We meet all the suspects and Miss Stapleton. Miss Stapleton gives a warning to Watson when she thinks he is Sir Henry. Episode 3 Neither Holmes nor Watson had the power to make an arrest. So they needed an official, Lestrade was a police detective. Holmes and Watson knew there was going to be trouble so they asked Lestrade to join them. ...read more.


The language is quite old to a modern reader because the authors use of language is not only set in I different time but is quite refined: "I HAVE in my pocket a manuscript," The word order is old fashioned. Today most people would say: "In my pocket I have a book" Also there are other examples of words that today you don't hear often. Manuscript Monograph Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was a doctor so I think he based Watson on him self to try and add a sense of realistic reaction because in the books although Holmes is an incredible character. He has been lead by stereotype. Holmes is this character that always is right. You never read of Holmes being corrected by Watson. Arthur Conan Doyle did make this character almost all knowing so he has to have this vice this need to escape so he writes this almost perfect character with opium addiction as well as being eccentric. I think its so that Holmes does not seem like he is above us all. My Personal Opinion In my personal opinion the book is almost to predictable we already know who has done it by half way through the book. The movie was almost a completely different story. We never learn of what happens to Mr Stapleton only that he could be dead. In my opinion out of 1-10 it gets five skull and crossbones. ????? ...read more.

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