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What have I found interesting in my studies of Crime stories?

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What have I found interesting in my studies of Crime stories? One of the aspects I have found stimulating whilst reading 'The Tell tale Heart' was how the criminal was presented the story. The criminal in 'The Tell Tale Heart' is very erratic and is convinced that he is normal, but of course, he is mad. The fast pace created by hyphens and short sentences in the first paragraph gives an instant insight into how the criminals mind works. As I said before, he is mad but is convinced that he is not. We do not see the violent side of the man at the beginning but we see an erratic, possibly impulsive man. Many people say that criminals are often the clever ones, much like 'Verbal' from the film 'The Usual Suspects'. Throughout the story we can see his thoughts and his plans presented to us which shows that he has thought out his plan which seem to be very sketchy and 'rough'. The use of exclamation marks and questions broaden the scope into the character, building his personality and the way in which we perceive him to be at the beginning to set the story and advance very quickly to the crime. The criminal in 'The tell tale heart' likes to talk, too much, it is not usual to have the criminal as the anti-hero/ narrator in most crime stories. The atmosphere surrounding the character is dark, at the peak of the hour as he describes what he does "every night, just at twelve". There is no adherent pattern shown in the examples I have studied of how a criminal is presented to us. In 'The landlady' the criminal is (or seems to be) very innocent and lonely which later, as the story progresses turns into being eccentric and very unusual and would fool any reader into thinking that she was an innocent old woman at the beginning of the story. ...read more.


In 'The Usual Suspects' the film switches from present to past from 'Verbal' (Roger Kint) being interviewed to him recalling events in his mind of what has happened up until the present. The story is very complex and has many sum plots and turns. 'The Usual Suspects' begins in the present day. "Verbal has been arrested for being in the location of a massive explosion on a Hungarian boat. A police detective wants to get the truth out of Verbal, but he has already posted bail. In about two hours, he will be a free man. The detective has Verbal brought into his office where he asks him to retell the story. From this point the story is told from Verbals point of view and events are recalled through him to us. There are flashbacks between present and past and the narration is by Verbal building up to an eventual climax/ twist at the end of the story where the recalled events catch up with present day. The focal point of the plot is to find out whom Keyser Soze is, a criminal mastermind who strikes fear in everyone. The plot in this film, instead of working in 'real time' works on switching between the past and present instead. This is more interesting as I mentioned before as it gives more depth to the storyline and provides two 'simultaneous' climaxes at the end where the sub-plot is working with the main plot. In The Lord of The Flies the plot develops very slowly as it is a novel unlike the other stories I have studied. Significant elements and parts of the story are all organised into relevant chapters. The story begins when a group of young children are stranded on an isolated island after crash landing in an evacuation plane. The story slowly develops into their want to be rescued and survive and also the unknown terrors and events that face them. ...read more.


The children left in isolation had nothing to turn to and instead turned to a tribal like nature battling for domination that could have been the motivation for several separated incidents The same concept revolves around 'The Usual Suspects' where many things happen during the course of the story, diverting our attention to these and perhaps developing them to link in with the main plot. Instead of having one focal crime in the film we have many different acts of violence and criminal acts committed throughout the film that all link up to one big master plot that was devised by Keyser Soze. To conclude this essay I believe that the reason why people are attracted to crime literature and theatre is because of the variety, diversity and great depth and detail in which many entertainment materials such as books can offer. What I found interesting is the way in which they are all similar, bound together by one main concept, but offer a completely different story and that the list is literally endless. What can be done with the theme 'crime' is virtually infinite. I have only studied a few examples that may have their similarities but equally have their own attributes, value and strength. Many of the examples provide gripping material in which to follow. Simple technical features such as the way the language is presented can make every difference as we have seen in 'The Tell Tale Heart' where the story would not have the same attraction had it not been written in the style in which it is. In The Lord of the Flies, a classic novel that many people have studied or read can prove very satisfying to read yet 'The landlady', a short story that probably takes a fraction of the time it would to read a novel still can entertain and surprise the masses with its peculiar twist at the end. Thus my conclusion and this essay comes to an end, with the questions in my introduction satisfied I can say that the reason in which we find crime entertaining is for all the reasons above. ...read more.

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