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What impression do you get from the novel of life in rural Mississippi in the 1930’s?

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What impression do you get from the novel of life in rural Mississippi in the 1930's? Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry takes place in the 1930's in rural Mississippi. The novel is set in the southern states of America during The Great Depression of the 1930's. Cassie Logan tells us in chapter 1 that David Logan (also known as papa) has to search for work 'going as far as north as Memphis and as far south as the Delta Country'. The setting of Mississippi has an important effect on the story in that white people there were very racist. The point of view in this novel basically creates the whole story because it's a child telling the story instead of the usual adult. Cassie Logan tells the story in extreme detail, since everything has to do with her life and innocence. The mood is also an important factor in the story: suspense, happiness and peace all as one. Mississippi in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a semi-tropical, long growing season town. It has abundant rainfall and the temperature is sometimes very unusual. ...read more.


She had been making her own stories out of it. The subject was slavery and a racist, white man published the history book that she was given and she thought the book was wrong. She had eventually got fired due to T.J getting revenge on her for accusing him of cheating. Mr Granger was a man who 'leased out sharecropping land' to the black community and took almost all of their money after the harvest. On top of that, the Logan's had financial problems and mortgage problems. People had to face the consequences without hardly any money. Black people had to pay their mortgage at the bank but the white people employed at the bank just caused more trouble. This novel examines many issues for example: courage, bravery, prejudice, the power to succeed and the strength to survive. Black people have known that 'courage comes only to those who earn it'. Friendship is an important part of life. You need people to look you up to, someone on your side so you can be brave and someone you can depend on for giving you advice if you're in trouble. You will hardly ever see any black people and white people, as that's the way life was. ...read more.


There are several themes in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. One of them could be described as when someone feels that is bad, he can still have the pride of his family and friends. 'Courage comes only to those who earn it' could be another theme. The last theme involves the difficult situation life presents and a need to stand tall. This book, I think, was well written to let people see things through a child's eye and experience their innocence and disbelief in the cruelties of life brought in by racism and prejudice. The lesson I learned in reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is that when people are found to be tough, they can be; especially a child. Sometimes they come out stronger than the adult in one of life's crisis. There has been a lot of trouble in this book and people like Mama always sense trouble. She says 'your lucky no worse happened and we're glad to have you here...especially now'. When Cassie had racial situations approach her, she likes to get vengeance and after she had achieved her goal, she tells herself, 'oh, how sweet was well-manoeuvred revenge'. Now you know that if you have an ounce of hope inside you, you'll have the power to succeed and all live as one. ...read more.

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