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What impression of love and lovers is given in Hearts and Partners?

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HEARTS AND PARTNERS What impression of love and lovers is given in Hearts and Partners? Explore similarities and differences in at least three poems - one of which MUST be a pre- twentieth century poem. Consider: > How the poets use language and structure to convey a picture of love and lovers. The three poems I am going to write about are 'I wanna be yours', 'To His Coy Mistress' and 'Our Love Now'. In my essay, I am going to relate to way in which the poems I have chosen portray love and lovers. I am going to study the way in which the poets use language to create the theme of love and I am going to study the ways in which the poems create the whole idea of love and what its purpose in life is. The layout of 'Our Love Now' is set out as if it was an argument, but when you look at the line numbers it is not an argument because the man says it all first and then the women says it all. ...read more.


The poem shows what men think about relationships and love in the general. It also shows the woman's thoughts about relationships and love. The poem shows a typical mans views on line five and six: 'The cut will mend, and such is our relationship' While the woman's views about the same thing is: 'There is always a scar a permanent reminder' The woman's views are that once there was a boundary between her and her boyfriend that is overcome, there will always be a painful reminder of that with a scar. The second poem I have chosen is 'I wanna be yours'. This poem is designed to be performed on stage because it is set out like a script and that it has no punctuation. This poem makes sound unique and something very special that only happens once in your life. This is shown in the language that the author has used. The author uses repetition throughout the poem. ...read more.


This poem also has little hidden messages towards the reader and the woman, in the poem it says: 'The grave's a fine and private place. But none, I think do there embrace Now, therefore, while the youthful hue.' This is telling us that the man is saying we are going to die anyway, so life your life while you can and give me a chance. 'To His Coy Mistress' and 'I wanna be yours' have the same outline of the poems. This is shown by both texts having a man in love with a woman. The men are trying everything to persuade the women in the poems to give them a chance. 'I wanna be yours' and 'To His Coy Mistress' portray love as something special and everlasting while 'Our Love Now' portrays love as a part time thing. However, it concentrates more of the bad side of love rather than the good side of love and this is shown in the layout of the poem, it is layed out as if it was an argument. Andrew Hinde 11C Mrs Holman Hearts and Partners ...read more.

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