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What, in your view, makes Alan Bennett's 'A cream cracker under the settee' an interesting piece of dramatic writing?

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What, in your view, makes Alan Bennett's 'A cream cracker under the settee' an interesting piece of dramatic writing? The cream cracker under the settee is a well written and original script, obviously pushing Alan Bennett's creative skill to the limit. He has invented a strong character, Doris, and has conjured up a funny but heart-warming story in which she fits perfectly. On top of all that he has managed to fit it into just twenty minutes of screen time. I have a number of ideas about how he has done this. We know that Doris and Wilfred were married, as there wedding photograph was mentioned in the monologue. Doris obviously misses him as she mentions him so much. I think she misses mainly just his company, she grew tired of his 'mad ideas' and didn't really have any positive points to say about him, she was just needed someone to be there with her. She only realized how much she would miss him when he was gone, and she realized she was on her own. She would have had more company, love and care had she had her child, so she would not of had to let herself die if the miscarriage hadn't happened. ...read more.


The are where Doris lives doesn't seem to have changed, she still lives in the same flat that she has lived in for years, and she mentions other flats in the past that are still there. But people who lived near her have moved on and Doris doesn't know her current neighbors which she isn't bothered about, but I think she feels left behind now that her past fellow residents have moved on. The fact that she doesn't know or care particularly about the people who live around her unlike she used to, shows that she turns her back on something if there is change, and she feels reluctant to join in because she may feel she is too old to fit into something new, therefore she isolates herself. Alan Bennett does not make important information in the text stand out in any superior way to other topics. Wilfred is first mentioned when she looks at him in a photo, she doesn't pacifically start talking about Wilfred, the memory of him is only triggered by the photo. The same thing happens with the memory of the miscarriage; the subject arises when she sees the pram, making her remember. ...read more.


She does this on another occasion saying, 'I was glad when she'd gone, dictating. Zulema speaks in short sharp sentences, effective for instructing and 'dictating' to Doris, 'You are a lady of leisure. Your dusting says are over.' Bennett does this to help express the personality of characters, and make them unique from each other. In terms of language used, Doris often uses two different meanings for phrases she uses, such as when she is talking about old names that are rarely used. She uses herself as the worthless name, Doris, and says they have no use and 'belong in Stafford House.' By using a monologue, the writer is able to show all of the main character's thoughts and it also enables him to focus more on the character, Doris. You get to see her exact point of view of things, and you can feel her emotions more, as she is talking directly to an audience. As a piece of drama, I think this monologue is well written, but the audience grow tired even in twenty minutes of the piece being focused on her and her problems. I would have liked to have seen more characters, and a setting where there would be more to focus on than just Doris. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rob Davies ...read more.

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