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What influences shape young Pip's character in 'Great Expectations

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What influences shape young Pip's character in 'Great Expectations? 'Great Expectations' tells the story of a young boy named Pip. It shows us how his life is drastically turned around at the early age of seven, following the accidental meeting of the convict Magwich. There are many different events ranging from his meeting the convict, and Miss Havisham, his falling in love with Estella and his fortunate gaining of an unknown benefactor, which enables Pip to achieve more promising things in life. These events all play a huge part in how Pip is to turn out. And this cocktail of events greatly influences moulds and shapes the person he is and is to become. There are also some much less obvious ways that help shape him, such as his upbringing and the way he is treated by adults around him. And the quality of his education. The story shows how Pip gradually learns more about the world and society he lives in and how he desperately wants to change, and the way he is shaped and nurtured into the extraordinary character he is. These are just a few of the things that influence Pip into changing and becoming and gentleman. Pips character is greatly influenced by the way he is brought up and the way he is treated by adults. ...read more.


She uses Pip to get what she wants and she is therefore greedy and is only interested in money. The punishment of Pip also plays a big part in the character he is and is to become. Pip is scared of punishment as in those times cooperate punishment was the way, and there were no laws stopping you from beating a child almost to death. Mrs Joe is the one who punishes Pip, "Tickler, a wax ended piece of cane worn smooth by the collision with my tickled frame." It is an ironic use of the name and it seems to make Pip even more scared of it. Also Tar water was used, "A pint of this mixture, which was poured down my throat, for my greater comfort, while Mrs Joe held my head under her arm." It shows how Mrs Joe has to get Pip into headlock just to get him to drink the stuff. As a result of his fear of being punished, he becomes very aware and conscience of his behaviour, for example when he stole food and tools for the convict he was very afraid he was going to be found out. "I got up and went down stairs, every board, and every crack in every board, calling after me, Stop thief, and get up Mrs Joe." ...read more.


The novel could be seen as pips search for an identity through a lost father figure, and eventual acceptance of his lowly, unhappy origins. It shows how pips character could be more sad and unhappy as he feels that he has lost both his parents and he does not have a proper father figure to give him something to aim for. Although Pip looks up to Joe, as a father figure, it is not quite the same as looking up to his real father. He may feel he can never be complete and content, with his situation. His love for Estella is obsessive and self-destructive. He may feel depressed at the fact that he could never realistically have Estella, until his fortunate circumstances in later life. In addition, that sets the context for the story. However, the irony of this is that his expectations once realised don't win him Estella who is never intended for him anyway, and he us unaware of this and he carries on thinking that if he changes that Estella would be his. Pip is extremely lucky to gain a benefactor. And it was only by chance that he met the convict on the moors and if he hadn't his life would have been incredibly different. It is the main factor that influences Pip's character. Although it is not the only factor, it is the main one and makes the greatest difference, and has the greatest effect on the person he is and is to become. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Sismey-Durrant 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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