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What is Dickens Message in his Novel 'A Christmas Carol' and How does he present it?

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What is Dickens Message in his Novel 'A Christmas Carol' and How does he present it? Born in 1812 the second child of a Navy Pay officer, life was never going to be easy for Charles Dickens. In his infant years Dickens had his fair share of bad luck. He knew how it felt to be cold, miserable, poor and altogether unhappy. Soon Dickens' father was in debt and was sent to Marshalsea Prison, London. This unfortunate turn meant a 12 year old Dickens had to go and work in a shoe-blacking factory. This embarrassed him for all his life and he felt it was humiliation. Dickens was determined not to be the same as his father and managed to get work as a solicitor's clerk, and then moved onto a form of journalism for the political debates. Dickens successfully managed to convey what he felt about Victorian England in his books; often they featured under privileged children ('Oliver Twist'), and other aspects of being poor and needy. Dickens tried hard to let people know about the people working in the workhouses and the terrible conditions they worked in ('David Copperfield'). He tried to make the more noble class respect the less fortunate and be kinder to the homeless and needy. In his lifetime Dickens influenced the English and worldwide public with his moving stories and made a lot of money for his family in the process. ...read more.


He is given the night off with a, "Yo-ho" reminding him of how mean he was to his clerk when he told him it was a, "poor excuse for picking a man's pocket every 25th of December". This implies that we leave our mark on society; Fezziwig would leave a good one, Scrooge would not be so lucky. When Scrooge is transported to the scene of him and his fianc�e together he is reminded of how he chose money over love something Dickens proves to be wrong "What idol has displaced you he rejoined a Golden one". The fianc�e knows Scrooge is totally in love with money and frees him from the contract they have she departs with "May you be happy in the life you have chosen. This shows us as a reader that Scrooge is mean and still takes money over his life we feel sadness for the fianc�e and more bitter towards Scrooge. Next Scrooge sees the ghost of Christmas Present and a throne of wonderful food "to form a kind of throne, were turkeys, geese, game, poultry..." This shows Scrooge how wonderful Christmas can be and the amazing food that could be available to him. The people who were shovelling away on the house tops were jovial and full of glee....". Dickens shows us that if Christmas is kept in out hearts we can be warm and happy whatever the circumstance. ...read more.


Yes I Do!". Dickens shows that if you die a lonely, unloved and hated person, in your death your shirt will be literally ripped off your back, like the washer women did to Scrooge. Scrooge and the spirit go to a graveyard where no mourners are present here Scrooge finds his neglected grave and realises it was his body they saw in the room and the people were talking about. Scrooge now realises all the wrong doings he has done, He sees he needs to change his ways. Dickens shows we need to be charitable and to change our ways if we are to keep the true meaning of Christmas alive. Scrooge learns many valuable lessons, from which we can learn to, the spirits transform him from this hideous hook nosed demon to a Christmas loving human all in the course of one night. He learns the true meaning behind Christmas and things like family, charity and good will. He sees his ways are wrong, his obsession with money, much like most people who fight over who has the best this and the fastest that but don't see themselves as a Scrooge. He gives money to poor people and is happy with his life finally. This world acclaimed novel has been made into many films, as it is still highly relevant and can be learnt from still. His literary genius conveys, feelings emotions and other amazing literary devices authors recently seem to have lost touch with. So as tiny Tim would have said " God bless us every One" ...read more.

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