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What is in Sherlock Holmes for today's readers?

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What is in Sherlock Holmes for today's readers? The Sherlock Holmes stories are undoubtedly some of the best detective stories that have ever written. The books were written by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle who was also a doctor. "The Red Headed League" was printed in 1891 and "The Speckled Band" was printed in 1892 in a magazine called The Strand Magazine which made the stories famous. "The Red Headed League" is about a mysterious organization which Sherlock Holmes client, Mr. Wilson was working for until it was no more. Finally this strange league turns out to be simply a cover up to distract the client whilst the criminals dig a secret passage from his cellar wanting to rob gold from the Bank. ...read more.


He has a brilliant reasoning power and it is amazing how he comes to the correct conclusions from really small observations .Take for example, in The Red Headed League, by looking at Johns worn wrinkled knees he thinks that John must have been digging a passage to the bank .Although he is also shown as a lonely man without a family life. Dr. Watson is the narrator in these stories. I feel that doctors are one of the most trusted professions, so I also think that is the reason why Dr. Watson is shown as a doctor is to make the readers believe in the story that is being told. He is shown as less skilful, with less of the reasoning skills Holmes has, which make the reader feel he is a normal person. ...read more.


Similarly when Holmes asks whether John Clay's ears are pierced for ear-rings in The Red Headed League we guess that he might be a well known criminal. This is a technique to make the reader follow the investigation in the right track and at the end when Holmes explains everything instead of feeling completely lost they find it easier to understand. In these stories the climax is an interesting part which is full of suspense and action .In "The Red Headed League" the climax is more like a thriller which includes our detective and Scotland Yard Officers surrounding the cellar and arresting the criminals. In "The Speckled Band" the climax is set more like a horror sequence which includes action with a mysterious creature and the death of Dr.Roylott. Even though they might not be as exciting to us as we have seen many films but it would have been really interesting for the Victorian and Edwardian readers. ...read more.

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