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What is Love? Analysing a song and dedicated performers.

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Audio Assignment � When I first heard the song, I found the melody, the lyrics, and the singing incredibly moving and intensely emotional. � The power ballad begins with a soothing male voice, and then builds gradually into a powerful climax backed by a choir. � The gradual crescendo served to lead the listener's emotions from a state of calmness to a climax of passion as the music built in volume and intensity. � After listening to the song a couple of times, I realized that the perfect combination of the melody and the way the singer articulated the song was the reason as to why the music reached out to me. � The melody is soft and simple, with a light beat compelling the listener to sway or nod along to the music. ...read more.


� feels insecure about breaking his walls to love someone again � That is why this song is his outcry of mixed emotions, as he expresses his inner struggle between wanting to feel love again and fear of being hurt and rejected. Definition of Love � According to the dictionary, love is to have a strong affection for someone or to take great pleasure in something. � I agree with this definition in more ways than one, because love does evoke strong affection when directed at a person. � On the other hand, love can be taking great pleasure in doing something as well. For example, some people love to play music because playing music makes them happy. ...read more.


� Basketball players spend hours and hours practicing in the courts, and while they are doing what they love, they are sacrificing their time for other activities that they could otherwise be doing. � It is the same for any person who dedicates herself to doing what she loves. Let us examine renowned pianist Lang Lang's piano practice schedule at the age of 7. 5:45 am: Get up and practice piano for an hour. 7:00 am: Go to school 12:00 pm: Arrive home for a 15 minute lunch, then 45 minutes of piano practice After school: 2 hours of piano practice before dinner After dinner: 2 more hours of practice, then homework and sleep � From this schedule, we can see the amount of sacrifice paid in Lang Lang's success � For Lang Lang, his passion and love for music motivated him to sacrifice his family, homework, sleep, and play time, just to name a few. ...read more.

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