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What is the connection of the main characters to Eva smith’s / Daisy Renton’s Suicide?

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What is the connection of the main characters to Eva smith's / Daisy Renton's Suicide? There are a number of people who contributed to Eva Smiths death each on pushed her closer and closer to her suicide. There is no reason why any one of the characters is soley the blame. It was not only the characters that contributed to her death either, it was the way her life never seemed to workout and her social wellbeing. No matter how hard she tried her life was never stable. Her life was a constant downfall that eventually got the better of her, she then gave in and decided that her life wasn't worth living if it was going to be constantly failing so she ended her life. The first person that we are lead to have started the downfall or chain of events that lead to Eva Smith's suicide is Mr Arthur Birling. Mr Birling was a rich man and only seemed to care about his family and how well his business was going. ...read more.


Sheila caught Eva laugh when Sheila was trying the clothes on and went straight to the manager and filed a complaint. Sheila made it clear to the manager that Eva was disrespectful towards her and said that if she was still working there the next time she came into the shop to buy clothes she would walk out and never shop at Milwards again, as well as withdraw the account. Once again Eva Smith was sacked from her job, being sacked from you second job in such a short period of time would have been pretty hurtful. Sheila was obviously jealous of Eva being prettier than her even though Sheila was of higher class. After this Eva Smith changed her name to Daisy Renton in order to lose her reputation and start over under a new identity. The next contribution was Gerald Croft, Gerald is engaged to Sheila Birling and they are due to get married. Gerald meets Eva Smith now known as Daisy Renton at a local bar and soon finds out that she is completely broke and needs food. ...read more.


He didn't tell her that he stole the money from his father's office and when she had found out she took the money and never wanted to see him again. Mrs Birling, Arthur Birlings wife is also connected to the events that lead up to the suicide. Mrs Birling is seen as being strict and snobby. She doesn't seem to care about much, but herself. Mrs Birling is a member of the Brumley Women Charity Organization that Daisy Renton went to for support. When she arrived there Mrs Birling asked her, her name she said her name was Mrs Birling, at first Mrs Birling thought this was cheek then she dismissed Daisy's appeal of support. Each main character had an influence on Eva Smith or Daisy Renton's suicide and she found that she could not cope with life constantly failing. Assuming that the inspectors scenario is true, how do you assign the blame and why? What Level of Responsibility do the characters take? It is hard to assign blame as each character contributed to Eva Smith or Daisy Renton's suicide, however some contributions were more serious than others. The inso ...read more.

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