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What is the effect of the inspector in " An Inspector Calls".

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What is the effect of the inspector in " An Inspector Calls" " An inspector calls" was written by John. B. Priestley shortly after the Second World War. Preistley was born on the 13th September 1894. He left school when he was 16. "I wanted to write" Priestley said in his autobiography. Priestley gained his writing skills during the First World War. As he grew up he was always around his fathers friends. He picked up their socialist ideas, which are shown by the Inspector in "An inspector calls." After his first play, which was written in the 1920's, he became a well known playwright. Priestly then wrote a series of great plays until he wrote one of his best plays "An inspector calls" in 1945. In the play the Birlings are celebrating Sheila and Gerald's engagement. Arthur is overjoyed about this because Gerald's family is of a higher class than his own family and hopes that the two families will not only join through marriage but also join in business, boosting the Birlings class. Arthur Birling : "...Your engagement to Sheila means a tremendous lot to me... your father and I have been friendly rivals in business for some time now- though Crofts are both older and bigger than Birling and company ... ...read more.


This is in open question, which requires a detailed answer; the inspector only uses open questions on Sheila, Eric and Gerald because they are easier to get information out of. He has to use closed questions for Mr. And Mrs. Birling. Inspector: " I think you remember Eva smith now, don't you?" Birling must answer yes or no to this question. The inspector affects Sheila and Eric, the younger generation, more than any other characters because that is what priestly wanted, he wanted to show us that the younger generation are learning from their own and the mistakes of their parents. Whilst the older members of the family, Arthur and Sybil Birling, are rigid to change and remain as pompous and superior as ever, the younger generation realize and accept their part in the Death of Eva smith. The Inspector seems very sure of himself, he seems very bossy and gives himself a higher status than the Birlings. Inspector: " It's the way I like to work. One person and one line of enquiry at a time." He isn't scared to argue with the Birlings, he shows that he is more important than the Birlings. Birling: "...I protest against the way in which my daughter, a young unmarried girl, is being dragged into this- Inspector: " your daughter isn't living on the moon. ...read more.


Arthur Birling: "If you don't come down sharply on these people, they'll soon be asking for the earth." This quote shows that he thinks he is very important and superior to Eva and others like her; he doesn't have any consideration for people of a lower class than himself. Priestly has written Arthur to act like this so that the audience will pick up on it and be against him from the beginning. Birling doesn't worry about Eva, his main concern is his reputation, he is looking forward to a knighthood and this could spoil it all. When he finds out that the inspector is a fake he is very happy. Arthur Birling: "BY Jingo! A fake!" The Inspectors purpose is to teach Birlings a lesson. He succeeds in doing this with Shelia and Eric, but fails with Arthur, Sybil and Gerald. Preistley uses the Inspector to put his socialist views across to the audience. Because the Birlings did not learn their lesson in the end their safe world comes crashing down around them, all of their indiscretions are exposed and they can no longer hide behind the false world that they have created. In the 1992 Royal National Theatre production the Birlings house explodes and all of their possessions spill out into the street, this is symbolic of all of their secrets being spilled out and their safe world collapsing by the Inspector that is on his way. ...read more.

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