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What is the importance of Act 3, Scene 1, to the rest of the play?

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10th October 2005 Romeo and Juliet What is the importance of Act 3, Scene 1, to the rest of the play? In act 3, scene 1,Benvolio warns Mercutio that they are risking a fight. When Tybalt arrives he is ready to fight, and challenges Romeo as soon as he appears. Romeo has married Tybalt's cousin so he dismisses the challenge. Mercutio is outraged and challenges Tybalt. As Romeo tries to stop them, Tybalt who runs away wounds Mercutio. Mercutio dies, and when Tybalt returns, Romeo kills him and flees. When the Prince appears and hears the reason for the murder, he lightens the sentence of death to banishment. Romeo must leave Verona. Romeo at the start of the play is eager and an immature boy, who imagines he is in love with Rosaline. His talk is full of artificial expressions of emotion and he seems to be in self-pity, but when he meets Juliet, he falls in love with her. This is where there is a theatrical effect on his character. ...read more.


This is rather good advice because it shows that Benvolio is looking out for Mercutio, but the problem is thought Mercutio is one of those persons, that does not listen, to others when there is danger around. Mercutio is impatient, immature, and full of his own meaning and likes to be centre of attention. He makes some very clever remarks as he is dying, which I think can be described as 'black humour'. Mercutio is a loyal friend though to Romeo, but he cannot understand why Romeo declines to fight Tybalt (which is a Capulet and Romeo's relative by law since his secret marriage to Juliet which no-one knows about that is including Mercutio and Tybalt). The two characters of Benvolio and Mercutio are put jointly to show the difference between the two characters. Benvolio has a grown-up attitude, whereas Mercutio has an undeveloped attitude. He has also to be seen to be a 'hero' in the eyes of his friends by outdoing a Capulet. Although Mercutio is not a Montague, he is caught up in the fraud of the two families. ...read more.


More or less straight away when he realised what he has done and cries 'oh, I am fortune's fool in anguish and regret', he realised that the killing of Tybalt from his own thoughtless action has taken away any expectation of a happy future with Juliet and Romeo. He is lucky in that Prince Escalus is compassionate and does not sentence him to death, but he does deports him from Verona. Still Romeo sees this as an outcome worse than death, because if he leaves Verona that means that it's the end of his relationship with adored wife Juliet. The context here is, the certainty of the tragedy and the use of a chorus is relevant here, as is using the verse as an expression of love. This can be also being seen as a shared and educational comment in Elizabethan Society. He realises that the outcome of his own life and that of others can be determined by a single action: and that each of us has been done and cannot be undone. Finally, Act 3 scene 1 shows the point of no return for Romeo and Juliet and the final tragedy rests upon this. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Wragg ...read more.

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