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What is the importance of family in Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry?

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What is the importance of family in Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Mildred Taylor has written Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry as a novel where the family are important to the story and the novels characters. Mama and Papa are very important to the novel because they bring up and guide the children to be respectful of other people even the white people. Mama and Papa teach the children by example, they do this by not shopping at the Wallaces store, and by covering their school books when they refuse to use them as they are in such poor condition. Mama and Papa do not shop at the Wallaces store because the owners are white, the main reason they do not there is because the Wallaces are the night men that kill and thearten any black people that step out of line in their eyes. ...read more.


For example, when Jermery gives Stacey a flute at Christmas and Papa and advices him about relationships with white people.Papa knows that Jermey might turn on Stacey in a minute just like Mr.Simms. Stacey would value a friendship with Jermery but Papa told him that "friendship between black and white people don't mean that much" so Stacey decides to treasure the flute. Mama also talks to Cassie about racism after the Strawberry incident because Cassie does not understand.Cassie thinks that Big Ma has turned just like Mr. Simms and Mama talks to her about Big Ma not wanting Mr. Simms to "hurt" her.Mama explains that Mr.Simms is "one of those people who has to believe that white people are better than black people to make himself feel big." We see both Mama and Papa Logan actively encourage education for their children. ...read more.


Also Mama supports Papa when Papa gets shot in the leg by the Wallaces.Mama nurse Papa so that he can go back to work on the railroads, Mama does not become angry and try to hurt the Wallaces she just nurse Papa and supports him and the children. Big Ma and Mr Morrison are extended family, Big Ma is David's mother and Mr Morrison helps look after the family while Papa is away but used to work with David before he got fired.Big Ma helps and supports the family, she tells the children about the land and works on the land.Big Ma also helps look after the house and disciplines the children.Mr Morrison offers support and sercurity, he guards the house at night inorder to protect the Logans.An example of this is when Papa was shot and Mr Morrison beat up the Wallaces so that they did not kill Papa and then carried Papa home. ...read more.

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