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What is the importance of maycomb community

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Write about the importance of Maycomb County as the setting of the novel. 'To Kill a Mockingbird', is set out in Maycomb; a town Harper Lee has narrated the story from Scout's point of view. However she incessantly replaces her approach in order to give a more adult opinion about the events and experiences that happen in the book. Harper Le has used colloquial language to add a twist of central realism and true characterization in the novel. He has also taken a keen sense of humour, throughout the novel. 'Maycomb was an old town but it was a tired old town when I first knew it...' As Scout has said, Maycomb was an old town. It inter connects the negative things that we can find in the novel which made Maycomb. Maycomb with old beliefs, old customs and old racist views about everyone, even themselves, had developed racist. It shows a path through the families portrayed in Maycomb society. The parenting skills and education given teaches prejudice whether between gender, race, of social status. ...read more.


Still, the Finches consider themselves well off only in comparison with the farm families who live in the same county. The family owns a nice house and can afford to hire a black housekeeper. Everyone knew everybody and helped one another get by in life. However, for some characters such as the Cunningham's, have not the luxuries of the middle class families. We find this out when Scout attempts to explain to Miss Caroline that Walter didn't forget his lunch, but had no lunch to bring, she says, "Walter's one of the Cunningham's Miss Caroline" As Miss Caroline is an outsider, and is therefore new to Maycomb she doesn't understand its ways, so she gets angry and humiliated when Scout tries to help her. This shows Macomb's tight community, and that everyone knows each other so well, that outsiders will have to adjust. This shows the town's attitudes towards race and social distinctions. Although there is a lot of prejudice in the community, in chapter eight, Miss Maudie's house was on fire, 'the men of Maycomb, in all degrees of dress and undress, took furniture from Miss Maudie's house to a yard across the street. ...read more.


Therefore with Maycomb's majority being racially prejudice, it is clear that Tom Robinson has no chance unless someone where to step out and defend him. Overall, the education system in Maycomb was poor due to the inefficiency of the system, which was moulded automatically due to the partitioned casts. Blacks were not allowed to marry white people. 'I sure would, Atticus can't do anything' (scout), the quote obviously conspire the fact Scout and Jem had negative attitudes towards Atticus's profession. Dubose's illness due to morphine addiction. Subdivisions in their quiet community as it says in the beginning of chapter one that 'It was a quiet town' with 'nowhere to go, no one to go with'. However, Scout and Jem were literate, that was due to Atticus who thought that education was one of the most important aspects of life. The schooling system is completely different, 'the Dewey Decimal System'. We see the ignorance of Miss Caroline, for she is an outsider of Maycomb. As she is so different, she has to adjust, as Maycomb seem to be clinging to the past. ...read more.

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