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What is the importance of the nurse in Romeo and Juiet.

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ASSIGNMENT 7:(Literature) WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE NURSE IN ROMEO AND JULIET? The Nurse plays quite an important part of this play. Not only does she show her relationship with other characters but she also helps a lot to move the story line on. These points are seen mainly up until the end of act 3. In terms to her and Juliet both of these aspects are seen. Her relationship with Juliet is seen all the time and because of this good relationship, the Nurse pushes the play along by being Juliet's messenger to Romeo about the wedding. The best example to show that Juliet is much closer to the Nurse than her own mother is in act 1 scene 3 lines 7 - 11, where Lady Capulet tells the nurse to go so she can talk to Juliet, but then calls her back as she realises that the Nurse knows more than her about Juliet. ...read more.


The decision she takes shows her love for Juliet and that she is more than just an employee for Juliet. The way she helps Juliet is almost as a mother would nowadays but in those times rich families hired people to take care of their children for them which explains why the relationship is better with Juliet and Nurse than Juliet and Lady Capulet. This relationship is similar to another one, which can be seen in the play between Romeo and Friar Lawrence. In this relationship the Friar takes the role of the Nurse and Romeo replaces Juliet. This relationship follows the same structure as the one between Juliet and the nurse. Friar Lawrence offers Romeo advice, is like a father figure to Romeo and helps to move the play along by marrying Romeo and Juliet and also in act 4 by helping Juliet with the plan to run off with Romeo. ...read more.


This is shown on act 3 scene 5 lines 213 - 225. "Faith, here...use of him." On page 154 there is a note from Brenda Bruce who played the part of the Nurse saying, "If Nurse sounds as though she believed this (218 - 219), she will get a laugh from the audience. What I wanted was a reaction of shock...I would like the audience to feel let down by someone they trusted. Nurse carries on to the end of the speech with her advice, not believing a word of it, in her heart...In an attempt to make the advice acceptable." At this point in the play her importance begins to diminish as on lines 239 - 240 Juliet says she can no longer trust her and after this we do not see much of Nurse. " Go, counsellor, Thou and my bosom henceforth shall be twain" By Colin Bensadon ...read more.

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