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What is the play's message about " Responsibility" and how does the writer get this message across?

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What is the play's message about " Responsibility" and how does the writer get this message across? The writer tells us that responsibility means: To be in control, To be trusted by others, To be superior, To accept consequences of what you have done and things in your care. All these things mean " Responsibility". The writer shows us that in the whole story there are only two characters that accept responsibility. The two characters are of course Sheila and Eric. The rest of the characters do not seem to care. Mr and Mrs Birling want to carry on as normal, but Sheila and Eric have strong feelings about this. Sheila (page 57) " I behaved badly too. I know I did. I am ashamed of it, but now you're beginning all over again to pretend nothing much has happened." Sheila is talking to her parents about forgetting Eva Smith and carrying on as normal. Eric (page55) ...read more.


The names he came out with were all different which meant there was more than likely one candidate. They came to the decision that Eva Smith never existed, but Sheila and Eric point out that they still did those horrible things to people, and they should all feel ashamed of themselves. This did not change the other's opinions. To Mr Birling this changed everything, his selfish character realised he could still get his all-important knighthood. As the story progresses they find out that no one committed suicide in the factory, but minutes later the police station ring him telling him that a woman called Eva Smith just killed her self drinking disinfectant. The family can not believe it, was the Inspector a ghost? Or was he extremely clever? The writer ends the story very well here because it is up to you to choose what you believe. The writer is trying to show us that responsibility is an extremely important task that should not be taken lightly, everybody has a responsibility in life but each person's responsibility is different. ...read more.


Another thing that makes us feel sorry for her is that we find out that she was about to give birth. This makes the readers upset knowing that another life was killed. The writer does this very well by making us feel sorry for her, then hitting us while we are down with the extraordinary terrifying Inspector. No one could take responsibility for Eva apart from Sheila and Eric. The other points were made by the Inspector in his final speech. In this story we see that the writer is trying to teach us that we have to be responsible for are actions. The writer does this by having remorseful characters and characters that are not remorseful. The writer shows that actions have there consequences, he does this by all that has happened. The writer teaches equality and to treat others as you wish to be treated. The writer shows you can not change the past but you can change the future. It is the reader's choice to decide who was responsible, but I think they were all partly to blame! ...read more.

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