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What is the purpose of satirical texts 'A Modest Proposal' by Jonathan Swift and 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell?

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What is the purpose of satirical texts 'A Modest Proposal' by Jonathan Swift and 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell? Animal Farm is based on the Russian Revolution in the early Nineteenth Century. George Orwell wanted to get across to people what around the world that Russia was hiding the truth from the rest of the world and he wanted to reveal the truth! Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift is based on the late 18th Century, when English landlords ruled Ireland. They wanted an extortionate amount of Money from the poor people of Ireland who lived on the their land. Jonathan Swift wants to change all this by making up a proposal which will make everyone think about what they were doing! In this Essay I will be talking about the purpose of Satire and the Language the authors use to get their views across. George Orwell produced the story of Animal Farm to tell the world what was really happening in Russia after the Revolution, but instead of using the real people who were involved, in this book he uses animals and humans to get his point across. In this story you can work out who the animals are supposed to represent by the similarities with the people in Russia. Old Major 'Prize White Boar (ancient pig)' who dies just before the rebellion (revolution), is considered, like 'Starx' a powerful helper who helped Lenin (a Russian leader who died before the Russian Revolution). Lenin the Russian Communist and Bolsheviks seized power from Tsar and set up a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. It represented a new and free world for the ordinary people just as the animals had expelled Mr. Jones in Animal Farm. Capitalism was replaced with Socialism. Though really in Russia the Bolshevik party became dictators just as in Animal Farm the pigs ruled the animals. Old Major's speech is similar to Lenin's, as they both know the future and what to expect of it e.g. ...read more.


He shows his devious side and unstable character. He also changes the Seven commandments as Napoleon breaks them, to make sure that his master is always right. When he is confronted by the other animals asked about the changes he tells them they must be mistaken, He uses lies, phoney arguments, threats surrounding himself by the dogs to cause fear. Indeed anything that justifies his master actions. He is indifferent to the truth. Orwell uses Squealer's propaganda thoughout 'Animal Farm' to shows the effects of lies and propaganda on the lives of Ordinary Working People. Squealer names imply his corrupt nature. The comparison is shown at the end in the last Chapter when Napoleon is shown conferring with the Humans. The arguments between the Humans and Napoleon show the start of the cold war. George Orwell shows at the end of his book that Stalin betrayed the original principles of communism. As did the hatred between Russia and the West. Animal Farm is a true dipictionial but put into a Fairy Tale Story. The reason that George Orwell used Satire to make his point was because he couldn't speak out publicly against communist Russia. At the time Russia was a powerful country and no one could criticise the communist system. He does this by using his own opinion but with factual evidence to back his claims. He also uses very strong emotive language and passionate tone to try to persuade you. Mr Jones represents the force of corrupt capitalism. He starts drinking more and neglecting the farm. He gets so drunk he does not return to feed the animals. The starving animals kick down the doors and help themselves to the food. Just as the Russian people had done in 1917, when they were forced with starvation. They rise up against the Tsar. What happened in Communist Russia was about to happen on a smaller scale in Animal Farm. ...read more.


Swift's refers to the children as 'roasting pigs'. Swift keeps referring to women as 'breeders'. A word used with animals. Calls them 'mares in foal',' cows in calf',' sows ready to farrow'. To get their factual evidence across they both have to find their audience e.g. Orwell's audience is the everyday people in the world and their Governments. While, Swift's audience is the Government, Landlord's and Shopkeeper's of Ireland. They both persuade you by using their own opinion and emotive language in their stories. Swift's styles of language was more passionate as he used his opinions and choice of emotive words to arouse emotion. Orwell's style of language is more factual than emotional. Orwell uses facts to inform you and Swift uses facts to persuade you. In my opinion Swift's method of persuasion was too extreme but perhaps he thought he needed to do this so that he would be taken notice of. While, Orwell's method was very clever and informative to expose the truth of what was happening in Russia. We accept everything Orwell says as the truth. It also makes the reader look at their own political ideas and what we are doing to the world we live in. Swift's last paragraph is trying to say he is objective and having nothing to gain from it: 'I profess, in the sincerity of my heart, that I have not the least personal interest in endeavouring, in to promote this nessary work,' Orwell seems to be suggesting that all revolutions begin in Idealism and in tyranny. But he thought that all Revolutionaries were swindles and their dreams off freedom soon changed into nightmares. Once all the people were supposed to be equal some became more equal than others did. Nothing really changes after revolutions and everything had been for nothing. In Animal Farm Majors dreams were just like that in which Stalin's Russia had become. While Swift is suggesting that Ireland should have a revolution for the better in some sort of way. Both succeeded in bringing the issues they wanted to get across successfully in very different styles. ...read more.

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