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What is the role of Act 3, scene 3 of Othello and how does it relate to the whole play Character: I am focusing on Othello and Iago.

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Rakesh Sorathia Othello: Oral Coursework: What is the role of Act 3, scene 3 of Othello and how does it relate to the whole play Character: I am focusing on Othello and Iago. At the beginning of the play, Othello is very calm and friendly. Evidence of this is "... the goodness of the night upon you, friend..." This shows that Othello is calm and happy because he calls Cassio his friend. Shakespeare shows Othello to be calm because of his word choices. ...read more.


In response to this, Othello says, "I'll tear her all to pieces" which shows that Othello wishes to kill Desdemona. The quotation shows this by having a death and bloody theme to it. Desdemona and Othello are very close at the beginning of the play, evidence of this is "...I am hitherto your daughter. But here's my husband..." This show that Desdemona and Othello both loved each other at the beginning of the play, but as time passed Othello developed considerable hatred for her. ...read more.


Secondly, Othello feels insecure because all the other characters are a different colour from him. "...Is now begrimed and black..." This shows that Othello is insecure about his race. They are called fatal flaws because they show the characters worries and insecurities. Iago plants the seed of doubt in Othello's mind about Desdemona by making Othello believe which does not exist. Iago uses various schemes, which include Iago planting the handkerchief in Cassio's room. " ...In sleep, I heard him say 'sweet Desdemona'..." This shows that Iago is planting the seed of doubt into Othello's mind and making him believe something that does not exist. ...read more.

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