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What is the role of Alfieri in the Play "A View from the Bridge".

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What is the role of Alfieri in the Play "A View from the Bridge" In the Play "A View from the Bridge," Arthur Miller uses the character of Alfieri in a very interesting way. He serves as the "bridge" and onlooker between the past and the present informing us of the history and the characters by becoming the commentator throughout the play. As a result, hHe acts performs the role of the chorus in as Greek tragedy while communicating with the audience. A Greek tragedy is a play where the central character is led by fate towards a destiny that can't be escaped. Arthur Miller originally called the play "An Italian Tragedy" that was based on the idea of a Greek tragedy plot, which included an introduction, climax then resolution. Every play of this type would also contain a protagonist, a chorus and a death. This is the case, as we can see, with "A View from the Bridge". Alfieri brings the audience into the play allowing him to interact with characters and bring their feelings and emotions to the reader's attention. "I gave you my advice, Eddie" shows his interaction with other characters and "this ones name was Eddie Carbone" is when he is talking to the audience. Miller uses the character of Alfieri to give the audience subtle clues as to what will come next. ...read more.


Miller uses Alfieri to develop the other characters and give the reader a view of their faults and strengths. He knows that his role as a lawyer is that "it means law" and nothing else but can't help getting emotionally involved as a human being, with the depth of human feelings and emotions. He " knew where he was going to end" after his meeting with Eddie that afternoon, although he knew he was "an intelligent man" he was " so powerless to stop it." Alfieri finds it difficult to comprehend, understand and decide what advice to give Eddie to stop the possible "bloody course" that could arise in the future. His only sanctuary and advice that he receives comes from a "wise old woman" who can only tell him to "Pray for him." This brings back the idea that human emotion is much stronger than the law. Any lawyer or priest would give the opinion that what they have been taught is correct. However, no practical or human advice would have been given to Alfieri, to help him guide Eddie through his family situation and issues. Despite his faults, Alfieri portrays Eddie as a normal man with normal problems, "A man works, raises a family, goes bowling, eats gets old and then he dies." ...read more.


This action combines Alfieri's role as advisor, overseer and commentator bring the story closer to conclusion. Even though Alfieri's role has provided a background of advice, comfort and stability for the characters in the play, he could not control the fate of what was going to occur and destined to happen to cause the tragic end. As the final moments of the story unfold, the hostility and conflict develops despite Alfieri's efforts to regain tranquillity and restore peace. Eddie dies and Alfieri says, "Even as I know how wrong he was, and his death useless, I tremble . . . for he allowed himself to be wholly known and for that I think I will love him more than all my sensible clients." The audience sees that his role as an objective narrator has been affected by the feelings that he has for Eddie. Throughout the play, Alfieri presents various guiding ideas or themes to the audience that are common to mankind. These include fate, justice and law, sense of family, the power of human emotion and love. During the story, Alfieri becomes more than just a commentator and chorus. He represents a balance and conscience creating a missing "bridge" between the harsh reality of life and the significance of human emotion that shapes our future and cannot be changed. 1 Jenny Ridley - 11P ...read more.

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