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What is the role of the inspector in the play?

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An Inspector Calls J.B Priestley What is the role of the inspector in the play? "An Inspector Calls" was written in 1944 by J.B Priestley, it takes us into the comfortable and complacent world of the Birling family who are disturbed during a celebration by the arrival of a mysterious police inspector. The lighting of the room changes from 'pink and intimate' to bright and hard when the inspector arrives to show that this is serious and so the characters movements and reactions are clearly seen by the audience. A young girl has committed suicide and it is revealed how all members of one family contributed to it. "An Inspector Calls" resorts to the ripping off of masks that we human beings frequently wear, with the Inspector persistently pursuing the truth. Just when the audience is tiring of discoveries, the whole action is given a violent twist and everyone is caught up in the unfolding events. When each member of the Birling family find out that they contributed to the death of Eva Smith, they react in very different ways and learn different things from the experience. The inspector is confident man who is not afraid of anybody even though he is aware of their status, he speaks cautiously and appropriately with a disturbing habit of staring hard at the person he talks with. ...read more.


This reveals that Mr Birling is a selfish man who blocks out all the bad things in life and like typical early twentieth century men, he only cares about his social class and his money. Sheila's involvement in Eva Smiths death was that she got her sacked from her job at Millwards. She did this by using her status of being the daughter of a well respected women, She tells the manager of Millwards 'I'd persuade mother to close our account'. This was all because envy, she was jealous of Eva, Sheila told the inspector 'She was very pretty'. Sheila at the beginning before the inspector's arrival seemed to be a na�ve and innocent girl. She was lovely and playful. This can be seen by audience through body language and what she says to Eric, 'you're squiffy'. After she meets the inspector she becomes more serious and sees the consequences of her actions. She progresses from na�ve and innocent to more mature and understanding. We can see that Sheila has learnt from the incident. Gerald Croft reveals that his relationship with Eva Smith was that he was having an affair with her 'last summer', however he knew Eva under the name of Daisy Renton. ...read more.


when Mr Birling says 'the Titanic......unsinkable', but we the audience know that the titanic sank on its maiden voyage as the play was written at the end of the second world war but set before the second world war. Also Mr Birling says 'The Germans don't want war', but once again we know there that there was the Second World War which tells us that you can't see what's going to happen in the future and anything could happen. Furthermore there still is that message for audiences today, thus making the play inimitable. The inspector in the play isn't real, as we find out at the end, the inspector could be many things but I think he was a supposed to be a ghost or each characters conscience. My reasons for this are because his surname is Goole, which sounds very similar to ghoul which is a ghost and that every character felt bad because of what they did and the inspector was that feeling by being their guilty conscience, this is why in the play the inspector consistently intimidates each person to make them see the consequences of their actions. Priestley has very thoughtfully made the inspector mysterious to sustain our interest in the play and made each character uniquely carry his message to us. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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