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What Is the Role of Tybalt and the Prince In Romeo and Juliet?

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What Is The Role Of Tybalt And The Prince In Romeo And Juliet? Tybalt is a very aggressive character how is used by Shakespeare to speed up the play and as an excuse to put some good sword fighting scenes. Tybalt a character who commands great wit and swordsmanship, these character traits allow him to spice up even the most boring of scenes. Tybalt is also used to enhance the danger in Romeo and Juliet's romance, and shows how true Romeo's love must be because he risks death by Tybalt's if he is seen even courting Juliet. ...read more.


It also heightens the excitement and makes Romeo and Juliet's affair more passionate. In this way Tybalt is key to the realism of the play. Tybalt role could be described as the guardian of the Capulet's honour and is used to show the on going conflicted between the Capulets and the Monatgues. His violent behaviour shows the hatred between these two families. This allows for passionate scenes with violence, which I am sure would be highly enjoyed for the audience it was intended for. Tybalt is also used to contrast between Romeo and Juliet's love. ...read more.


NOBLE PRINCE LORD OF ALL The prince is an interesting character because he only appears three times in the play but each time he changes the outcome of the play completely and in doing so gives the play direction and builds suspense. In the very beginning of the play the Prince has a long speech declaring, "If ever you disturb our streets again, Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace" this heightens the sense of danger as most dual do not leave to certain death, but they do now. It also gives reason for Romeos banishment at the very end of the play. The Prince is used to give a structure to the play as he appears in the beginning, middle and the end. ...read more.

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